School transportation application

Apply for school transportation or accompanying benefit through Wilma.

Log in Wilma and choose Uusi hakemus (new application) under the Hakemukset ja päätökset (applications and decisions) tab. When required, you can add appendices to the application. You cannot fill in Wilma applications by a mobile app (phone app). Instructions for filling in Wilma application (in Finnish).

Decisions on school transportation can be viewed on Wilma.

If you cannot submit an application through Wilma, you can make a transportation application on a printable form (if you do not yet have Wilma identifiers). When required, the school and Vantaa Infos will help you fill in the application.

Return the paper form to the school, or to Vantaa Info, or mail it to: School transportation, PL 1500, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki

At the guardian’s request, the decision can be mailed to the student's home address.

Student who moves or changes school

If a student's home address or school changes, the school transportation benefit must be reapplied for. Likewise, students transferring from elementary school to junior high school and students transferring from junior high school to the 10th grade must reapply for the school transportation benefit. If a student's right to free-of-charge schoolchild's travel card ends in the middle of the school year, the travel card must be returned to the school.

School-year-specific applications

Application periods for the following year’s school transportation take place every spring. Applications submitted by the deadline for applications as well as decisions will be published/sent by the beginning of the following school year.

Return the application as soon as possible after you know your child's school. You do not have to fill in a new application every year, if the decision on school transportation is valid and if the school or home address have not changed. If you apply for the school transportation benefit in the middle of the school year, compensations will not be paid for the processing period.