Where can I learn Finnish?

You can study Finnish in Vantaa and elsewhere in the Capital Region in many places. Some of the courses are free-of-charge, while others have course fees.

Startti – Finnish Courses for Immigrants in Vantaa

Startti-courses are free of charge Finnish language courses for all immigrants who live in Vantaa. You don’t need to register for the courses in advance, you can just come to the course. We have courses all around Vantaa, so check check the locations from the course list. Teaching language is usually Finnish. We also have study groups for immigrants, who can’t read or write.

Courses in spring 2022

Due to COVID-restrictions we have moved our courses to remote teaching until 31.1.2022. The registration day for our spring term courses on Thu 13.1.2022 HAS BEEN CANCELLED. In January, some of our courses start remotely and some are postponed to start as contact teaching in February. You can see the changes in the course schedule (link below). Pre-registration for remote courses is open.

Startti-course schedule spring 2022

Pre-registration for remote courses is open.

Pre-registration for contact teaching courses is not possible. You can register for contact courses directly with the teacher on the course.

If you need more information on the courses, send email to coordinating teacher, Aivi Hämäläinen aivi.hamalainen@vantaa.fi.

Vantaa Adult Education Institute's Finnish Language Courses

At Vantaa Adult Education Institute, you can take part in Finnish courses, which have a small course fee. There are several skill levels and the courses are held in various locations in Vantaa. You can find more information on the courses on the Ilmonet service.

Further information: Mikko Ekqvist, tel. 09 8392 3039, email: mikko.ekqvist@vantaa.fi.

If you have any questions about studying Finnish at Vantaan aikuisopisto, you can come and meet our study councelors at Opistotalo (Lummetie 5, Tikkurila) on Wednesdays at 13.00-15.00 or you can contact them by phone at 043 8250 070.

Silkinportti Activity Center

You can participate in Finnish-language courses held at Silkinportti Activity Center, in Tikkurila. Silkinportti also offers lots of other activities and services for immigrants.


Kafnetti is a meeting place in Koivukylä. It also arranges Finnish-language courses where you can take part for free.

Address: Rautkallionkatu 3, 01360 Vantaa

Tel. 09 8393 0965

email: kafnetti@vantaa.fi

Language courses for job-seekers

If you are looking for work, you may be entitled to free-of-charge Finnish-language instruction via the TE office (Employment and Economic Development Office). For more information, contact Vantaa's TE Office directly.

Help with other issues

Immigrants' own webpages contain information on many other issues that are important to immigrants.