Studying in basic education

Studying with tablets

High-quality basic education is the right of every child. In Vantaa, we apply the local school principle, and our joint values are wellbeing, the joy of learning and respect for others. Good learning and school atmosphere is generated by school employees, students and parents together.

Schools ensure that basic knowledge and sufficient general knowledge are gained. Our learning environments promote use of information and communications technology, crossing borders between different subjects, eco-social education, and establishing a relationship with nature.

Adults’ task is to support learning and enable learning by accounting for the students’ own starting points. Schools teach students to care for themselves, others, and the environment. In Vantaa, we believe that the joy of learning results from arousing the students’ curiosity and letting them influence everyday choices. Learning goals and contents in different subjects are specified in the school curriculum.

Values of basic education

In Vantaa, the values of basic education are wellbeing, the joy of learning and respect for others. The values have been compiled together with the students, guardians and employees.