Vantaa adopts a new information system

The City of Vantaa will adopt a new customer and patient information system, Apotti. This website will inform you of temporary changes in our services, due to launching of the new information system.

We will try to make any changes in operations in such a way that our customers and patients get the service they need.

Adopting the new information system poses a great challenge to our employees. In the initial stages, getting used to the system may slow down our operations. During personnel training and data transfer between different systems, we will have a lot of temporary employees. There will be less customer appointments in our services, and queue times may be longer.

We will do our best to secure your services.
We ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience.

Online appointment service

With the launching of Apotti, online transacting will transfer to the new online Maisa transacting portal You can also use Maisa with your mobile phone or tablet. Download the free-of-charge Maisa mobile app on your phone at iOS or Android application store.

Dental Care

Dental clinics will prioritize customers requiring urgent care from November 11 to November 22, 2019. In case of non-urgent dental care, we kindly ask you to transact after November 22, 2019. We will open normal use of non-urgent services as soon as possible.

  • In urgent cseas, we serve by phone, tel. 09 8393 5300, Mon-Thurs: 7:30-15:00 and Fri: 7:30-14:00.
  • In non-urgent cases, we have limited services between November 11th - 22nd.

Our former online appointment system is no longer used. In connection of adopting the new patient information system, online transaction will on November 16 transfer to the new service.

Canceling appointments by text message will terminate as of November 16, after which you can cancel your appointment by calling 09 8393 5300 or by sending a message of the cancelation through the service:

  • The message shall include your name, date of birth, and time of the appointment to be canceled.

There will be restrictions in the text-message reminders and text-message service -due to the change of the patient information system- until you have used our service for the first time after the adoption of the new system and granted permission to sending text messages through the online Maisa service.

  • Remember to update your own contact information, phone number and permission to send text messages through