Sending faxes in Finland, first page €3.00

Sending faxes in Europe, first page €5.00

Sending faxes outside Europe, first page €6.00

- following pages, price/page €2.00

Receiving faxes, price/page €0.40

Prints and copies €0,40/sheet of paper. Maximum 20 sheet of paper per customer. Official prints/copies such as for Kela, Police, city and government forms, are free of charge.

City card

City card for schoolchildren

City card for schoolchildren (deposit) €5.00

Snacks €0.57 - €2.28

City card for retirees

City card for retirees €5.00

Price for retirees' meal paid by city card €8.33 (2022)

HSL travel card

HSL travel card €5.00

HSL travel card, handling fee €6.00

HSL containers for travel cards €1.00

NetTicket service charges

Check the valid pricelist on NetTicket's website. You can pay NetTicket tickets with card, cash or Eazybreak cultural vouchers at Vantaa Info.

Fishing permits for the City of Vantaa's fishing areas

One-day permit €5.00

Annual permit €35.00

Reservation of Vantaa Info premises

Check the up-to-date prices on our premises-reservation pages.

Other products

Håkansböle book 28 €

Vantaan esihistoria / Vanda fornhistoria book €19.00

Vantaan ja Helsingin pitäjän keskiaika book € 38.00

Medeltiden i Vanda och Helsinga socken book € 38.00

Helsingin pitäjä, Helsinge 2015 book, published by Vantaa-Seura €25.00

Vantaan musiikkiopisto 50 vuotta - eikä suotta book €30.00

Household pennant, 300 cm x30 cm for 6 m-7 m flagpole €30.70

Household pennant, 450 cm X 50 cm for 8 m-10 m flagpole €42.23

Products that can only be purchased from Tikkurila Vantaa-info (Dixi, Ratatie 11, 2nd floor):

Koivukylä gym’s access control

Access control: €10

Adults: 1 month €32.00, 3 months €73.00, 5 months €110.00
Discount groups / special groups*: 1 month €20.00, 3 months €42.00, 5 months €70.00
City of Vantaa employees: 1 month €22.00, 3 months € 47.00, 5 months €80.00

Discount groups: pensioners, unemployed, students, and conscripts

Sports and cultural vouchers cannot be used for paying at Vantaa Infos where the methods of payment are cards or cash.

Golf tickets

Golf tickets for the City of Vantaa's courses to Hiekkaharju, Keimola and Nevas go on sale at Tikkurila's Vantaa Info every year.

The tickets will be paid and picked up at Tikkurila Vantaa Info. You must pay the tickets when picking them up by card or in cash. Everybody shall buy their own tickets themselves; in other words, tickets cannot be bought for friends. The buyer must have the golf green card.

Please account for the coronavirus instructions when you transact on the spot. Keep a distance to other customers. Use the hand disinfectant provided. Follow the safety instructions at the golf course also.

Season products

Winter swimming in Kuusijärvi €50.00/season

Winter swimming in Kuusijärvi, key to heated locker room (Karhunpesä) €50/season

Vantaa residents aged 70 with a sports card do not have to pay the season fee and can have access to the locker room by paying only the €50 deposit.

City of Vantaa crabbing license: €10.00

Krokholm sauna €120.00 for one summer. Key to Krokholm sauna €30.00.

Fishing permits for the City of Vantaa's fishing areas

Krämarö fishing license: €20.00

Fishing permits for Vantaankoski and Tikkurilankoski as of January 1, 2021:

18-year-olds and older: €10/day and €95/year
Under-18-year-olds: €5/day and €45/year