Support for immigrants

Have you just received a residence permit and are about to move to Vantaa? We at the Immigrant Services will help you with integration. In the initial stage, we will give you, for instance, social guidance, psychosocial support and help with employment.

Who are our customers?

We work with refugees, victims of human trafficking, the chronically ill, the disabled, the pregnant and the elderly. Our customers also include minors arrived in the country without a guardian and 18—20-year-olds. We are also in charge of emergency accommodation and food aid for undocumented migrants.

This is how we will support you:

  • Our social workers will help you plan integration. We will together consider which services will best benefit you.
  • We will inform you about municipal services and about applying to Kela and social workers for benefits.
  • You will be given a health check and you will receive treatment, when required. We will give you instructions for keeping up your health. We will refer you to further care, if you suffer from physical or psychological war trauma or torture.
  • Our psychologists will support both the young and adults with processing trauma.
  • We counsel immigrants who have lived in Vantaa for a long time, and we cooperate with various organizations. Read more about integration.
  • Professionals in different fields and representatives of different ethnic groups will work with you.

Contact us:

New customers and customers without appointment
Vernissakatu 8 C, 1st floor
01300 Vantaa

Social and health services / Patients with appointment

Vernissakatu 6, 2nd floor, 01300 Vantaa

More specific inquiries:

  • Chief Social Worker Mari Kuronen-Hakkarainen, tel. 040 505 3309
  • Chief Social Worker Katja Hakala, tel. 043 826 9109
  • Immigrant Coordinator Ilona Korhonen, p. 043 827 0109
  • Head of immigrant services Hilkka Linderborg, tel. 050 312 2044