Leisure activities

Vantaa is a great place to engage in hobbies and enjoy your leisure time: be it physical exercise, culture, handicrafts, or walking in nature, Vantaa has it all. In addition to the City of Vantaa, organizations, sports clubs, associations, congregations as well as myriad other parties arrange activities for people of all ages in Vantaa.

Furthermore, the City of Vantaa and the third sector join forces in providing camp activities. For more information, contact Nico Vera Martinez, tel. 043 826 8926.

When you are looking for culture, go to our Culture website where you will find information on events as well as links to, for example, Vantaa Music and Dance Institute.

The Sports pages will inform you about guided courses, addresses and opening hours of swimming pools and sports facilities, as well as links to sports associations, which in Vantaa number more than 200.

Sports for Everybody exercise groups

Länsimäki international activity center, Kilpakuja 1
Sundays:16:00-8:00 Chechen folk-dancing course for the young, Bislan, tel. 045 369 9691.

Hakunila youth club, Laukkarinne 4
Sundays: 18:00-20:00 Chechen folk-dancing course for the young, Ruslan Kantaev, tel. 046 553 9991

Swimming for women and girls on Thursdays from 14:30 to 16:00, Korso Swimming Pool, Kisatie 29. For further information, tel. 09 839 9324

Multicultural gym for women and girls on Tuesdays from 16:30-18:00
Pelisali, Monitoimitila Arkki, Liesitori 1, 3rd floor
Multicultural gym for women on Thursdays from 17:30-19:00
Myyrinki liikuntasali, Liesitori 1 (entrance from Vaskivuorentie 10 B 3rd floor)
Fun and easy exercise for women of all ages and shapes!
Gym for girls on Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:00–20:30 and on Saturdays (even-number weeks) from 16:00-18:00 and from15:30-17:30 (uneven-number weeks)
Monitoimitila Arkki, Liesitori 1, 3rd floor

Further information is provided by Marja Auroma, tel. 050 3031305.

Arranged by the City of Vantaa Sports Services, Sports for Everybody project