Education and training

Studying Finnish or Swedish

Language courses for job-seekers

If you are looking for work, you may be entitled to free-of-charge Finnish-language training through Employment and Economic Development Center's services (TE Office). More information on TE Offices' language training.

Start-up courses

Vantaa Adult Education Institute arranges Finnish-language courses of different levels in various locations in Vantaa.

Start-up training courses are meant for new immigrants to Finland with little or no knowledge of Finnish. Vantaa Adult Education Institute's study secretary will give you more information on start-up courses. The courses are free of charge.

The adult education institute also has other affordable language training for immigrants. Some of the courses use support languages, for instance, Russian, English or Estonian.

Hobby courses—which do not demand a good language proficiency—might be a good way for you to learn more Finnish or Swedish.

Other language courses in the metropolitan area online service has plenty of language courses held in Vantaa, Helsinki, Espoo, and Kauniainen. The courses are meant for all adults. The website is in Finnish, Swedish, English, and Russian.

In the greater Helsinki region, many educational institutions and associations provide Finnish-language courses, some of which are subject to charge and some free. Ilmonet will give you further information on Finnish- and Swedish-language courses as well as other courses arranged by adult education centers in Vantaa and elsewhere in the metropolitan area. In addition, the Immigration Team will inform you about courses held in Vantaa.

In the Finnish-language groups of the Let's read together network you will learn to read and speak Finnish under the guidance of a volunteer teacher. All women are welcome.

Basic education

If you have under-school-age children, you can contact school coordinators who will help you find a suitable school for your children. Education Department's district coordinators act as contact persons between parents and school, and cooperate with parents on finding a suitable school and group when the family moves to Vantaa from abroad.

When required, a child can start school in a preparatory class for immigrants and later transfer to an ordinary class. A child may receive linguistic and other support in an ordinary class.

Contact information:

  • Education Manager Tapio Lahtero, tel. 09 8392 4827
  • Eastern district: Pia Hakkari, tel 040 562 6962. Viertolan koulu, Viertolankuja 1 01300 Vantaa and Kirsi Backman, tel. 050 312 1676. Viertolan koulu, Viertolankuja 1 01300 Vantaa.
  • North-eastern district: Erja Päivinen, tel. 040 508 4761. Koivukylän koulu, Kustaantie 10 01400 Vantaa and Anne Eskelinen, tel. 0400 475 934. Koivukylän koulu, Kustaantie 10 01400 Vantaa.
  • Western district: Taru Asikainen, tel. 040 071 9533. Kilterin koulu, Iskostie 8 01600 Vantaa and Jyrki Tiihonen, tel. 040 771 6788. Kilterin koulu, Iskostie 8, 01600 Vantaa.
  • Consultant school psychologist Elise Sailas, tel. 040 849 6677/09 839 23064.

Basic school for those past their compulsory-education age

The aim of the mEnOliPu project is to encourage people to complete their lacking basic-education studies. The project also allows the young to familiarize themselves with different vocations and training options. With the help of intensified personal guidance and counseling we will help the young find their pathway to training or working life. The mEnOliPPu project is targeted at the young, ages 17-28, living in Vantaa.

After basic school

Samalle viivalle guidebook: Guidebook on education and working life for multicultural young people.

10th grade and preparatory instruction

Immigrants will be offered preparatory instruction if, for example, their language skills are insufficient for high-school or vocational education after basic school. Preparatory instruction will provide the students with facilities for continuing their studies and getting familiar with Finnish study culture.

Training search.

High-school and vocational education

Vantaa youth with immigrant backgrounds are entitled to apply for the same high-school studies and vocational studies as everybody else. Apply for a study place at a high school or vocational institution through the national joint application process. More infomation about high school studies (in Finnish), and more infomation about vocational studies (in Finnish).