Volunteer activities

The City of Vantaa offers myriad options to participate in volunteer activities. What form of volunteer activity would suit you best? Do you want to work with children or adults? Or do you want to help newcomers feel welcome in Vantaa? Or something else? Contact us!

As a volunteer, you act with the skills and knowledge of an ordinary person; no vocational qualifications are required. Volunteer activities do not replace the work done by professionals, but supplement it. No monetary compensation will be paid for volunteer activities.

Confidentiality and reliability are the basic principles of volunteer activities. You are bound to secrecy about any issues you may hear when you act as a volunteer.

As the city's volunteer, you are insured against accidents. Volunteer activities’ contact persons—who arrange induction, training and meetings—will support and guide you. You have the right to participate in city-arranged recreation for volunteers.

You can participate just as much as you wish - once a year or every day. You have the right to quit or take a break from the City of Vantaa’s volunteer activities or to move to other volunteer activities whenever you like. We strive to find a suitable volunteer task for everybody interested in volunteer activities. There are many possibilities. Tell us your own wishes!