Digital support

Vantaa provides you with support for online transacting and instruction in using digital devices. The city’s actors, organizations and businesses offer counseling and instruction.

Digi Support Fall 2021

The impacts of coronavirus’ community transmission stage on digi support

Because of the coronavirus situation, digi-support actors will not provide close-contact counseling at customer PCs. You will find the opening hours of service points, counseling options, as well as up-to-date coronavirus instructions on the actors’ websites.

Customer PCs, electronic transacting support and counseling

Citizens’ houses

Koivukylä, Myyrmäki and Tikkurila citizens' houses have customer PCs, and you can ask for help in transacting. At Koivukylä, we will help you with your personal computer problems. You can use the customer PCs to scan. At Koivukylä you can print official documents.

Employment service center

Employment service center offers Vantaa jobseekers transacting support in issues related to training and job applications. At the service point, you will have customer PCs and a printer at your disposal for job applications. You can contact us by phone, tel. 09 8395 0120, or by sending email to:


Libraries’ customer PCs are available for independent, fast transacting. As of June 1, 2021, you can again print at most Vantaa libraries.

Services for the Young, Ohjaamo

Ohjaamo gives you advice on education and training, work, as well as issues related to leisure time. The premises have customer PCs. You will get transacting support for, among other things, issues related to TE-services.

Social Services

Social Services has transacting places in Koivukylä, Tikkurila and Myyrmäki. The premises have customer PCs, a scanner and a printer. You will get transacting support for issues related to social services at Tikkurila.

Vantaa Adult Education Institute

You can search for adult education institute's IT-technology courses on the institution’s ilmonet-fi service or on the Digiarki project's website. Digiarki project also organise digi counseling.

Vantaa Info

You can take care of transactions with the authorities at Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos. You can use the customer PCs to scan and print official documents. You can ask for advice on using Oma Vantaa and the city's websites also over the phone, tel. 09 83911, on online chat, or by sending email to: Vantaa Infos’ counseling and events have been canceled due to the coronavirus situation.

Digi support provided by organizations


ENTER ry instructs senior citizens in using computers, tablets, and cellphones, and arranges IT-related information blitzes (by remote access until further notice). You can send a remote counseling request on the form available on the website. ENTER ry's all personal counseling activities have been canceled until the coronavirus-related restrictions are removed.

Hakunila international organization ry

Hakunila international organization offers immigrants counseling and guidance on using e-Services at the service point and by remote access, over the phone or online. The guidance and counseling on using e-Services are provided, among others, in Arabic, Bosnian, English, Romanian, and Finnish. Check the other languages in which counseling is available on the link to the organization's website.

Tsempataan! project

The Tsempataan project offers counseling for over-25-year-old Vantaa residents with immigrant backgrounds on welfare, employment, and e-Services. Guidance and counseling in different languages, Tue-Fri: 10:00-15:00. Due to the coronavirus situation, the service is provided by appointment in Tikkurila, Hakunila, Koivukylä and Myyrmäki, or by remote access. Counseling is provided in Finnish, English, Russian, Arabic, and Somali.

Vantaa Association Circle’s information service points for immigrants

Information service points meant for immigrants can be found in various parts of Vantaa. Counseling is given, among other thing, for using e-services. Customers will be counseled in Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi, Pashtu, Finnish, and Russian on weekdays at 9:00-14:00. Information service points for immigrants are open and operate by appointment, phone, and email: firstname.lastname[at]