Myyrinki is a lively and warm-spirited citizens' house for everybody; it is situated in Myyrmäki, on the third floor of Isomyyri shopping mall. Come and check it out!
Due to Covid regulations, 30.11.-20.12.2020 we are only open for computer use and advice, and take away lunch on Wednesdays 13.30-15.30 pm.
The Vantaa helpline (tel. 09 839 50 070) is intended for all Vantaa residents who are considering how the coronavirus affects their daily lives and the city's services. The issue serves Vantaa residents on weekdays from 8 am to 3.30 pm. The main languages of the service are Finnish, Swedish, and English.
You can also send a question to

Clubs and groups

Myyrinki's open clubs are usually free of charge; nevertheless, own materials are, in most cases, required. The groups are headed by organizations and volunteers. You can ask Myyrinki employees about these and other Myyrinki groups as well as about organizations operating at Myyrinki.

Are we lacking a club you would like us to have? Or would you like to head a group or arrange activities yourself? Contact the community worker who can help you launch a new activity.


Toimintapa is Myyrinki's crafts space whose equipment consists of sewing machines, overlockers, as well as different kinds of hobby-crafts tools. The recycled materials are, for the most part, freely available for use.

The handcraft skills instructor arranges open, free-of-charge handcraft-skills workshops on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10-12. Check the more detailed program on the bulletin board and Facebook.

As a general rule, Toimintatupa is reserved for different handcraft-skills groups and organizations’ meeting in the afternoons.

Myyrinkoti circle of friends has reserved Toimintatupa on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 12. Anybody interested in volunteer activities for the benefit of the elderly living at Myyrinkoti can join the circle of friends.
More information will be provided by Chair of Myyrinkoti circle of friends Ulla Mustonen, tel. 040 416 0820
Myyrinkoti circle of friends brochure

Vantaa Adult Education Institute

The adult education institute arranges instruction (in, for instance, exercise, music, handicraft, and the Finnish language) at Myyrinki.

Vantaa Adult Education Institute’s office and counseling at Tikkurila campus, tel. 09 8392 4342.
Myyrinki classrooms, tel. 043 825 0873 / janitor

Café Popolo

Open on Mon-Thurs: 9–14 and Fri: 9–13; lunch: 11–13
Check exceptional opening hours on Alvi ry's website.
tel. 040 455 9829

Community meals at Myyrinki

Volunteers prepare dinner out of excess food. Anybody can come and enjoy the free-of-charge meal.

Volunteers should arrive on the spot at midday. Meal will be served at 16.

Are you interested in these activities? Contact the community worker!

Support and counseling at Myyrinki

Information service for immigrants
Alawi Abdalla (Arabic, Somali, English, Finnish): tel. 0400 986 011
Irina Grönlund (Russian, Finnish): tel. 040 183 0930
Ziaulhag Momeni: tel. 045 134 1711

Osaavat Naiset project: employment counseling
0800 05058, Monika Resource Center

The Finnish Red Cross’ West Vantaa friend visitors
On-call at Myyrinki on Mondays at 16–18 and Thursdays at 10–12, at other times, call us, tel.
043 824 474

Vantaan Romaniyhdistys – Vantaan Romanengo Staggoos ry.
On weekdays at 9-15

The opening hours of organizations’ offices and schedules for activities may vary. Check the more specific schedules on the organizations’ own websites, call or visit Myyrinki.