Kafnetti lunchroom


Kafnetti is an open meeting and Internet hangout, targeted at adults and situated in the center of Koivukylä.

Our activities consists of, among other things, joint meals, counseling for immigrants, chess club, hobby and other groups, celebrations and events.

You can use computers, Wi-Fi and scanners free of charge. Our employees will help you use the devices, when required. We will help you with your personal computer problems.

Due to Covid regulations, 30.11.-20.12.2020 we are only open for take computer use and advice and take away lunch on Thursdays 12-14 pm.

The Vantaa helpline (tel. 09 839 50 070) is intended for all Vantaa residents who are considering howthe coronavirus affects their daily lives and the city's services. The issue serves Vantaa residents on weekdays from 8 am to 3.30 pm. The main languages of the service are Finnish, Swedish, and English.
You can also send a question to korona@vantaa.fi.