Employment services in Vantaa and Kerava

Vantaa and Kerava will together participate in a municipal employment trial that begins on March 1, 2020 and end on June 30, 2023. During the trial, the responsibility for specific TE Office tasks will be transferred from the state to the municipalities. The trial aims to more effectively promote unemployed jobseekers’ employment and training, as well as to create new solutions for the availability of competent labor force.

Customers included in the municipal trial will be personally informed about their participation. During the trial, jobseekers register with the TE Office as usual, and the office refers those customers included in the municipal trial to the municipality. The customership will last for the entire duration of the municipal trial.

The customers of the municipal trial can be divided into three groups. All customers living in the trial area,

  1. unemployed jobseekers, the employed, and those covered with services promoting employment but who are not entitled to earnings-related daily unemployment benefit.
  2. all under-30-year-olds regardless of whether they receive labor market subsidy, basic unemployment allowance or earnings-related daily unemployment benefit.
  3. all foreign-language speakers and immigrants regardless of their age and unemployment-related benefits.

The municipal trial customer is designated a personal coach who refers the customer to services.

Municipal trial customership

What does the municipal trial give me as a customer?

As a customer of the municipal employment trial, you will get a personal coach who will make your service path faster and easier. Key to the personal coach model is that one person fully familiar with the customer's situation coaches them. The service deploys the “one-stop” principle, which saves the customer's time.

The municipal employment trial is a customer-oriented project that has its starting point in understanding that promoting employment does not entail mere employment. The road toward employment may consist of several different steps that improve the customer’s situation. Those in a poor labor-market position need guidance along their travel, and a personal coach will help them along. This ensures that jobseekers will get personal service. Instead on online transacting, the customer meets the coach on a face-to-face basis, and the coach comprehensively knows the customer’s life situation. The personal coach will chart the customer's competency, find solutions, and refer the customer to other services, when required.

The municipal trial invests in a strong beginning, which means that the customer is efficiently moved forward. To begin with, the customer will have a personal discussion with their personal coach where they are given alternatives, and then they are forwarded to work, training or suitable service(s).

The trial will not incur the customer any additional obligations: an unemployed jobseeker’s legislative obligations are the same for both TE Office and municipal trial customers.

How do I know if I am a customer of the municipal trial? How do I register as a jobseeker?

Job seeking will begin when you register with the TE Office. If you belong to the target group of the municipal trial, the TE Office will refer you to the municipality.

Everybody belonging to the municipal employment trial customer groups will be personally informed about their customership. Before your customership is transferred from the TE Office to the municipality, both the TE administration and your own municipality will contact you. They will give you the contact information you need.

Please note that it is not possible for you to transact in service points of other municipal trial areas. Since the municipal trial is a joint project between Vantaa and Kerava, customers living in Kerava can transact in Vantaa service points and vice versa.

The customership will last for the entire duration of the municipal trial. If you are accepted in training or if you are temporarily employed, you will be referred back to the municipal trial after being unemployed again. The municipal trial customership will last until June 30, 2023, even if you no longer belonged to any of the target groups specified in the municipal trial.

What if I do not belong to the municipal trial?

If you do not belong to any of the target groups of the municipal employment trial, you will continue to transact at the TE Office as before. All municipal services will remain at your disposal, and the TE Office will refer you to these services.

The scope of the future municipal employment trial far surpasses any previous municipal trials. Its target group is extremely extensively determined. If you benefit from the municipal trial, you probably also belong to its target group.

If I choose, can I remain a TE Office customer?

There are exceptions that allow you to remain a TE Office customer.

Of the municipalities belonging to the trial areas, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kokkola and Turku are bilingual, whereas the rest of the municipalities belonging to the trial areas are monolingual. According to §10.1 of the Language Act, customers are entitled to use Finnish or Swedish in their official transactions. If your services are transferring to a monolingual trial municipality and you wish to receive service in Swedish, you can choose to remain a TE Office customer. Kerava is a monolingual municipality, which means that its Swedish-language customers can remain TE Office customers, when they so choose.

A member of a municipality can remain a TE Office customer, if their unemployment is of short duration and if its termination date is known in advance. An example of such a case is being laid off for a short period, after which employment will continue. Other examples are, among others, maternity or parental leave beginning shortly, beginning of military service, or a corresponding reason.

What will happen, if I move to another municipality during the trial?

Several municipalities participate in the municipal employment trial. If you move to a municipality that does not participate in the municipal trial, your customership is transferred back to the TE Office. Otherwise, you will become a customer of your new municipality's trial. All the municipalities participating in the municipal employment trial are listed on the Ministry of Employment and the Economy’s website.