Vantaa Skills Centre

Vantaa Skills Centre provides guidance and counselling to unemployed immigrants in Vantaa on job searching, skills recognition and skills development.

Vantaa Skills Centre co-operates with various companies and organisations specializing on supporting immigrants.

What you get at Vantaa Skills Centre

  • Help in job searching, and identifying and recognizing your skills
  • Information about Finnish labour market and education
  • Support and personal counselling on career and education planning
  • The opportunity to improve your Finnish language skills and skills needed in working life and job searching
  • Information on vocational training and education opportunities
  • In order to become a client of the Vantaa Skills Centre, you must be a client of the municpality employment trial. Clients included in the municipal trial will be personally informed about their participation.

Vantaa Skills Centre operates at Lummetie in Tikkurila and at Vantaa Vocational College Varia. Vantaa Skills Centre is a service provided by Vantaa Employment Services and Youth- and Adult Education Services. Vantaa Skills Centre works in close cooperations with TE Services, Vantaa Vocational College Varia, other educational institutes, organizations and private sector. Due to the cooperation our customers can find fitting services under one roof.

Information in other languages

Dari and Farsi

Navid 040 526 3876

Vantaa Skills Centre is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture.