Operating grants for health and welfare promotion

Leisure Committee awards operating grants for health and welfare promotion.

Such organizations, communities and task forces whose operations promote Vantaa residents' health and welfare are eligible to apply for the grants. One of the aims of the grants is to promote and maintain versatile civic activity in Vantaa. The applicant's operations shall be based on the principles of sustainable development, boosting non-discrimination, and promoting social inclusion.

Grants for health and welfare promotion can be awarded to:

  • national health organization
  • patient organizations
  • association of disabled people
  • child welfare organization
  • substance abuse organization
  • volunteer work organization
  • youth education organization
  • organization of the unemployed
  • other organizations, associations or unregistered action groups whose activities aim to promote health and welfare.

The grant is meant for the organization's basic operations, such as maintaining club and other activities, targeted at Vantaa residents.

Applications for grants shall be annually submitted in February.

Operating grants for parties engaged in important social work

The following criteria apply to awarding grants to established organizations, communities and action groups engaged in important social work:

  • Operations significantly boost Vantaa residents' welfare, while lack of them would make it more difficult for the target group to cope with everyday life.
  • Operations significantly complement the city's own service production, and the city does not itself produce a corresponding service.
  • Operations are primarily service activities targeted at specific special groups in Vantaa.
  • In addition to the city's support, the actor has its own fund-raising or other public financing, as well as hired employees.

The grants will be awarded to organizations’ normal costs arising from common-good activities.

The city will choose among the applicants those whose activities best meet with the criteria. A partnering agreement of 1-3 years will be concluded with the grant-recipients. Awarding the grants will be decided annually after approving the budget.

Applications for grants shall be annually submitted by in February.