Lapset pomppivat kesätapahtumassa - kuvituskuva

The city's grants are meant to support such events and activities that make Vantaa a better place to live in. Some of the grants can only be applied for within a fixed period of time, while others can be applied for throughout the year.

In early spring, grants for the following purposes are open for applications: health and welfare promotion, significant societal work, sports organizations, physical exercise for special groups, stipends for artists, basic art education, cultural activities for retirees' and veterans' organizations, cultural activities, and youth activities.

You can apply for Cultural Services' project assistance and local civic activity grants for arranging local events. Applications for these grants can be submitted throughout the year. Nevertheless, applications for grants shall be submitted in good time before the event in question: applications for project assistance and district allocation shall be submitted at least 21 days before the event.

You can apply for cultural institutions' operating grants for the following year in the fall.

The application deadlines for the 2021 grants, as well as the deadlines for submitting applications, will be announced in an official announcement:Grants and stipends 2021 (in Finnish)

Grants and stipends will be sought by filling in an electronic application form in the Oma Vantaa Service (in Finnish).

The Grant applications submitted outside of the Oma Vantaa service will be submitted by the deadline mentioned in the announcement to the Vantaan kaupunki, Kirjaamo (PL 1100, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki) or to Vantaa Info service points or Email:

Applications submitted in the Oma Vantaa transaction service and applications submitted in other ways, together with supporting documents, must be received by the deadline given at the return points or the application is considered late.

Grants will be awarded in accordance with the general grounds for awarding grants and the type of grant in force at the time of application. The principles for awarding grants and application guidelines can be found on each grant's own website.

General grounds for grants and stipends As of January 1, 2018