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Service Voucher - What is a service voucher?

A service voucher is a new way of selecting and using social and health services. You can use it to acquire a specific service. As a customer, you can choose your own service provider based on your own likes and needs, provided that the service provider in question is approved by the city.

The Health and Social Welfare department grants a service voucher based on an assessment of a person's service requirements and service solution. The service voucher is one option with which the city arranges services to the residents. In addition, the city produces its own services, as well as buys them from private service providers.

City of Vantaa has service vuochers in elderly services, when you are not able any more to live at home.

How does it work?

The City of Vantaa decides on granting a service voucher to a customer. The customer selects a service provider among the service-voucher entrepreneurs it approves. The customer and the service provider then make an agreement on providing the service. The service provider is committed to the minimum service contents and quality requirements specified by the City of Vantaa. The city will monitor the quality of services.

The City of Vantaa pays the service provider the value of the service voucher. The customer pays the difference between the value of the service voucher and the service price as his/her excess share.

How can I get a service voucher?

Before you are granted a service voucher, your service need will be assessed and a service solution will be made on the basis of this assessment. If you meet with the service criteria, you will be provided with the service in one of the following ways: city-produced service, service the city buys from a private actor, or service voucher.

You can choose whether to use the service voucher. In order to make the selection, you will be given information on the prices of different service-voucher entrepreneurs, the value of the service voucher, and the excess share (that is, your own contribution) of using the service voucher.

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