Information to Guardians of Children in Early Childhood Education 11.8.2020

You received on August 3, 2020, a notification for guardians informing you of the topical issues of the new operating period and how Early Childhood Education accounts for the coronavirus epidemic. On August 4, 2020, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the National Institute for Health and Welfare updated the guidelines for early childhood education arrangers related to the coronavirus epidemic. Due to the update, we are hereby specifying Vantaa Early Childhood Education’s guidelines.

According to the National Institute for Health and Welfare’s guidelines, children with respiratory symptoms may not come to early childhood education (and preschool education) before they have been tested for potential coronavirus infection. If the test result is negative and the symptoms are reducing, the child may return to early childhood education (and preschool education), even though some of the symptoms remain. If the symptoms return or increase later, the child must take a new test.

A child with a coronavirus infection must stay away from early childhood education for at least 14 days from the beginning of the symptoms and, when required, even longer, so that when they have had no symptoms for two days, they can return to early childhood education.

Communicable Diseases Control and Hygiene Unit will give the infected and the exposed more detailed instructions.

If the symptoms are caused by allergy and are reducing after beginning of allergy medication, the children may return to early childhood education (and preschool education), even though some of the symptoms remain.

Children may bring an important toy to early childhood education and take it home after the early childhood education day.

Those who return from travel abroad shall observe the Government’s country-specific travel restrictions valid at any given time. We encourage those who return to Finland from abroad to adopt a voluntary quarantine lasting for 14 days from the time of returning from a country included in the Government’s travel restrictions. A child in voluntary quarantine does not take part in early childhood education.

Further information will be provided by the director of your child's early childhood education place.

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Vantaa Early Childhood Education Services

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