Summer nurse

School and student health care nurses will be available for schoolchildren and students from June 7 to Aug. 6, 2021, at 8:00–15:00, at Vantaa Adult Education Institute in Tikkurila. Summer nurses will serve schoolchildren and students, ranging from elementary school students to students at vocational colleges. Appointments for health checks in the summer begins on May 17, 2021.

The summer nurse system functions in the same way as if you made an appointment at your school or educational institution. In addition, guardians are welcome to the appointment with the summer nurse. Guardians can also come and talk with the nurse without their child, if they are concerned about the child or young person.

The summer health center also provides a nurse’s and doctor’s preliminary health check for conscripts, as well as other health checks such as those for 7th-graders and comprehensive health checks.

You can also find an oral-health-care expert on the summer nurse's premises who will counsel and tip you about issues related to oral health.

Come to see the summer nurse to talk about

  • your mood
  • relationships with friends, your home situation
  • problems with sleep and circadian rhythm (= 24-hour rhythm)
  • dating
  • issues related to birth control and sexual health
  • issues related to eating
  • tobacco and other intoxicants, gaming
  • dental care and oral health
  • other issues you are concerned about.

Guardians are welcome to come too!

Psychiatric nurses will also be available

Psychiatric nurses will provide service counseling during three weeks in June (June 7-24, 2021).

Counseling, support and service counseling will be given to Vantaa youth ages 16 and over in mental-health and substance-abuse issues. When required, meetings can also be arranged by remote access, over the phone or through Teams.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or worries about mental wellbeing or substance abuse.

Call or leave a WhatsApp message on weekdays at 12:00-13:00

tel. 040 770 5521/ nurse S.Poutiainen or

tel. 040 719 6146/ nurse A.Kuula.

Do not stay alone burdened with your worries, contact us!