Bulletin, November 24, 2021

Face mask recommendation restored at schools, educational institutions and daycare centers

The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group decided yesterday, on November 23, 2021, on tightening its face mask recommendation, as well as on wide scope return to remote work in the metropolitan area. This means that today, on November 24, 2021, the metropolitan area restores wide scope face mask recommendation, regardless of the level of immunization, applied to all residents ages 12 and over.

The face mask and remote work recommendation will remain in force until January 16, 2022. The face mask recommendation enters into force immediately.

The coronavirus coordination group recommends wearing face masks at schools and educational institutions from the 6th grade upward. The recommendation to wear face masks also applies to early childhood education employees. Wearing a face mask on all work premises is now recommended, even if social distancing were possible.

Basic education and upper secondary education will remain in contact instruction.

Elementary schools will provide their students with face masks. Face masks will be distributed to students in grades 6-9 as of November 24. Educational institutions will provide face masks to students belonging to extended compulsory education (first-year students). Other students must acquire their own face masks. If a student has forgotten to bring their own mask, they can acquire one at their educational institution, when required. On-the-job learning will adopt the coronavirus instructions valid at the workplace.

At issue is a recommendation, not an obligation.

It is still of key importance that children, schoolchildren, and students will not come to the daycare center, school, or educational institution when sick; even in case of mild symptoms, they should stay home. The schools will also apply other coronavirus safety recommendations (such as hand hygiene and social distancing).

The City of Vantaa emergency situation management group will assemble on Thursday, November 25, 2021. We will actively monitor the situation and inform, when required, of any changes and specifications.

Let's take care of our health as well as of the health of our friends and relatives!

Published: 24.11.2021 
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