The Regional Program of Positive Action will bolster the target areas’ wellbeing also next year

Vantaa City Executive Board approved on November 30, 2020, the measures of the Regional Program of Positive Action for 2021.

The City of Vantaa is building and developing a balanced city where residents in all the districts have equal access to coziness and wellbeing. The Regional Program of Positive Action, carried out in 2019-2021, will enhance the coziness of the chosen target areas in cooperation with residents by targeting services and support measures at these areas. The action program also consists of city-level measures, among other things, to prevent the young from marginalization as well as to ensure integration.

Of the measures commenced earlier, thirteen will be continued in 2021. One of these measures to be continued is deploying special youth workers at high schools and at Vantaa Vocational College Varia. Youth work has been established in the world of educational institutions as an important support measure for young persons’ studies and leisure time. Youth work has helped to reduce the number of young people dropping out, to boost the educational institutions’ community togetherness, as well as to active young person’s leisure time.

There are nine new measures to be started. Already in the course of this year, youth work will be expanded at schools to include also four elementary grades by hiring two new special youth workers. Within the program, a new project manager will be hired for youth work at schools. The project manager will be in charge of developing anti-bullying operating models and for implementing youth work conducted in all Vantaa schools. Anti-bullying work will initially be targeted at four elementary school grades, after which it will be expanded in stages.

Other new measures consist of, among others, the following: home service for families with children; developing afterschool activities for elementary school children in open meeting places; introducing the Moniku support model for multilingual and multicultural families with babies in Vantaa; equipping Länsimäki high school’s yard; improving the functioning of Mikkola school; and implementing a collective photo work of children at Koivutori.

€2 million per year is budgeted for implementing the Regional Program of Positive Action, altogether €6 million.

Published: 1.12.2020 
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