Changes in Vantaa day-care centers’ operations during the emergency conditions

Some of the City of Vantaa's day-care centers will be closed on April 6, 2020, until further notice, because of the small number of children. During the emergency conditions, we strongly recommend that children be cared for at home, if at all possible.

The number of children in Vantaa early childhood education has fallen, which is why early childhood education is starting to combine its service units. From the perspective of society’s resources, it is prudent to reduce the number of open day-care centers in a calm and considered manner. This helps to ensure sufficiency of labor in fields critical for society's functioning such as social welfare and health care.

As of April 6, 2020, altogether 25 day-care centers will be closed, while 96 day-care centers will stay operational.

The following day-care centers will be closed until further notice:

Northern service unit (8 day-care centers): Tarhapuisto day-care center, Sauvatie day-care center, Eppilä day-care center, Kustaantie day-care center, Minkkipuisto day-care center, Koskimylly day-care center, Rautpiha day-care center, Tähdenlento day-care center

Southeastern service unit (9 day-care centers): Heporinne day-care center, Keihäspuisto day-care center, Hakunilanrinne day-care center, Kuusikko day-care center, Latukuja day-care center, Tiedonjyvä day-care center, Aisakello day-care center, Krassitie day-care center, Linnoituskuja day-care center

Central service unit (6 day-care centers): Illenpiha day-care center, Pakkala day-care center, Laajavuori day-care center, Kukkopilli day-care center, Lintukallio day-care center, Kukinpolku day-care center

Western service unit (2 day-care centers): Ojahaka day-care center, Varisto day-care center

Combining service units helps to minimize the risk of infection

When combining service units, the risk of infection will be minimized. We will keep the groups of children as small as possible and implement daily activities as small-group activities. The groups of children will remain the same when day-care centers are combined. Neither will there be any changes in the staff.

We strive to implement early childhood education as well as possible for those children whose guardians cannot care for them at home.

Guardians have been informed of the situation by sending them notifications in the following languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Albanian, Arabic, Somali, Estonian, and Russian. We regret any inconvenience caused by these arrangements.

Published: 3.4.2020 
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