Vantaa invests in robotics expertise

There is a city-specific basic education curriculum in Vantaa to support teachers in programming education. In addition, programming and robotics are reflected in the strategy of early childhood education and in the courses offered at high schools: each high school in Vantaa offers one elementary and advanced course in robotics.

"We want to be pioneers in teaching robotics," comments Tuulia Kuismin, the project's project planner.

The fact that Vantaa invests in teaching robotics and programming is also illustrated by the fact that there is a framework agreement in Vantaa for the acquisition of teaching robotics. This means that the city has pre-approved the terms of the future robotics procurement contracts, making it easier to make individual purchases.

“The framework agreement on teaching robotics is the first of its kind in Finland. The agreement was made because we want to provide up-to-date tools for teaching robotics, and we need a lot of equipment for that. The agreement makes it easier for educators and teachers to purchase equipment”, says Kuismin.

The Center for Robotics Learning is a project funded by the City of Vantaa's Department of Education and Learning, which aims to develop programming and robotics skills for children, young people and education professionals in Vantaa.

The renovated Robotics Learning Center will be opened for teaching purposes

“With new facilities and equipment we are able to expand our operations. We can now train, for example, on using 3D printers and a vinyl cutter. The versatile facilities offer opportunities for beginners as well as for advanced professionals”, comments Kuismin.

All kindergartens, schools and educational institutions in Vantaa have the opportunity to use the knowledge and equipment of the center. The Tikkurila center also houses an educational robotics equipment rental company, which will be expanded in February to include the Myyrmäki Library.

“The Center has a wide range of robotics related equipment. If a school or kindergarten is interested in acquiring robots, the center will be able to test various alternatives in advance and verify how they work in education”, says Kuismin.

Published: 29.1.2020 
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