Independence Day reception for 4th-graders celebrates Vantaa know-how

Mayor Ritva Viljanen has invited all Vantaa’s 4th-graders to participate in Finland’s independence at Energia Areena on December 3. During the day, there will be two receptions with identical contents, in which altogether around 2 700 children will participate. During the celebration, the participants can enjoy Vantaa youth’s know-how in its myriad forms.

Vantaa Vocational College Varia’s baker-confectioner and chef students are responsible for the catering at the celebration. The guests of honor have themselves participated in planning the catering: 4th-graders at Uomarinne school have told the Varia students their favorite pastries, and they have also acted as judges of taste. As a result from this joint planning, Varia students will make 3 000 chocolate pastries and 3 000 salty tacos for the celebration.

To prepare for the festive occasion, schools have addressed the etiquette and practiced dances during the course of the fall. Vaskivuori high school's Big Band and chamber music ensembles will be responsible for the music. Vantaa Dance Institute’s students will entertain those queueing for their turn to shake hands and dance as an example in the dances. During the celebration, Finland-themed visual-arts works of 4th-graders at Uomarinne school will be projected on the screen.

This year also, the celebration will have its climax in the performance of a surprise artist whose identity will be kept secret to the last minute. The star performer at last year's celebration was Evelina.

You can view the highlights of the celebration later on at: Vantaa-kanava.

Published: 27.11.2019 
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