In some of Vantaa’s park and ride areas free-of-charge parking will require a public transport ticket in the future

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In the future, Vantaa’s park and ride areas at Tikkurila, Myyrmäki, Leinelä and Rekola train stations will be free-of-charge for those having a valid public transport ticket, but subject to a charge for others. The change will enter into force in early 2020.

If you have a valid HSL or VR public transport ticket, you can park for free for 12 hours by showing your ticket to the parking ticket machine’s QR code reader or travel card reader and by entering your car registration number. You will receive a receipt, but you do not have to put it on display in the car, because parking supervision will see your parking authorization automatically based on the registration number entered in the machine.

Without a public transport ticket, parking will cost €5 in the future. In this case, too, the maximum parking time is 12 hours. You can pay with a charge card at the parking ticket machine or with Easypark, Parkman, eParking or Moovy mobile app.

“Nowadays many people who do not use public transport park in the park and ride areas. We are making the change because we want the park and ride areas to be better available to actual users of these areas. This way the number of parking places will better correspond with their purpose, and it is more likely for a user of park and ride areas to find a parking place,” says Jenni Holm, City of Vantaa traffic engineer.

Making park and ride areas subject to a charge for those not having a public transport ticket begins in Tikkurila, Myyrmäki, Leinelä and Rekola, since the parking areas in question have been congested, and therefore, targeting park and ride places for users of public transport is especially important.

In addition, the mall near Martinlaakso train station has a park and ride area on the roof that applies a practice slightly different from others. At present, the use of the park and ride area is only allowed for those with a HSL public transport ticket, but in the future parking will also be allowed for those with a VR public transport ticket, whereas park and ride will be subject to a charge for others.

Parking at Vantaa’s other park and ride areas remains free of charge for everybody, but a charge will, at a later stage, be expanded to at least Vehkala, Vantaankoski, and Kivistö.

Originally, Vantaankoski and Kivistö park and ride areas were supposed to adopt a system based on barriers. The plan was, however, discarded, and the stations in question will have the same system as that used at Tikkurila, Myyrmäki, Leinelä and Rekola stations, which means that the practice is the same at all Vantaa train stations.

Published: 22.11.2019 
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