Organizations can now apply for grants for supporting the wellbeing of families and the young

Vantaa gives grants amounting to €200 000 to communities and organizations that strive to promote the wellbeing of families and the young in Havukoski, Hakunila, Mikkola, or Länsimäki.

By enticing organizations to apply for grants, Vantaa invites them to participate in the implementation of the Positive Special Treatment program. The purpose of the Positive Special Treatment is to reduce welfare gaps by targeting resources and support measures at places where the need for support is the greatest.

Vantaa City Executive Board’s grant is given for promotion of the wellbeing of families and the young, as well as to bolster integration, sense of community, social interaction, and safety. The grant can be used, for example, to finance encounters between various local groups of people, measures promoting interaction, hobby activities, such as sports and culture, as well as community events carried out by the residents.

Established associations, communities or organizational joint operation teams that have operated for at least one year and whose activities are targeted at Vantaa residents can apply for the grant. The deadline for applications is December 3, 2019. The maximum amount of a grant awarded to one organization is €50 000. The one-off grant shall be spent during 2019-2020.

You will find more specific instructions for submitting an application as well as the online application form at: (in Finnish).

Read more about the Positive Special Treatment program (in Finnish).

Published: 13.11.2019 
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