A school building for those with indoor-air symptoms to be built on the courtyard of Simonkylä school in Vantaa

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Compliant with the decision by the city executive board, the City of Vantaa will build a separate school building for students with significant indoor-air-quality symptoms. This indoor-environment pavilion consisting of modules will be placed on the lot of Simonkylä school.

1st-9th graders from all over Vantaa whose indoor-air symptoms have not been facilitated regardless of various measures taken on their school premises will be placed in the building. The plan is that the new building be taken into use at the latest in late February.

Premises for those with the most severe symptoms

Vantaa has managed to arrange a suitable learning environment for almost all students, including those with severe indoor-air symptoms, in Vantaa’s more than 40 schools. There are, however, students whose symptoms remain severe regardless of various arrangements made. A student’s transfer to the indoor-environment pavilion always requires a health-based local-school decision. District managers are responsible for student admissions.

Sensitivity to indoor environment is highly individual, which means that the premises must be kept as clean as possible. The users of the pavilion must also minimize their substance exposure, so that no harmful substances enter the premises, for instance, on clothes.

The requirements set for the users of the pavilion are as follows: they shall have no pets at home, they shall not smoke/have smokers at home, they shall not use any scented chemicals or other allergens. The users of the pavilion cannot visit other school premises; all instruction will be arranged at the pavilion or by remote access elsewhere during the last hours of the school day.

In addition, attention will be paid to food supply as well as to repair and maintenance of the building.

Tight schedule

According to the estimate of the Real Estate Centre, the premises will be ready to use at the latest in February 2020.

The one-floor building amounts to about 380 net square meters. The building will be implemented as a leased project, but the city retains the possibility to buy the premises after termination of the agreed 5-year lease. The annual rent amounts to around €150 000 plus use and maintenance costs.

The builder is Fixcel Group Oy, a company specialized in buildings with clean indoor air. The company has provided similar buildings in the metropolitan area.

The modules are completed in a factory, so that the construction-site time is significantly shorter than in traditional building. The modules are currently being prepared at Hämeenlinna factory.

Structures, furniture and use support good indoor-air quality

The building will consist of steel-cell structures and prefabricated box units, and its facade will have plastering surfaces.

The building's ventilation will amount to the highest indoor-air classification S1 as regards the airmass and air filtering. All the material combos will be carefully chosen, and Fixcel Group’s research will be utilized to attain as low-emission coating solutions as possible. The premises also have good-quality acoustics. Naturally, the best P1 level is required for worksite dust and cleanliness levels.

The layout and equipment of the new basic-education premises will adhere to the goals set for the new learning environment.

The furniture will be carefully chosen to ensure that they, too, meet the low-emission criteria.

After completion of the building, the ventilation of the premises will initially be run with constant full power in order to efficiently remove from the indoor premises any emissions arisen during the construction.

Published: 11.11.2019 
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