Tikkurila day-care center's crocodile slide invites you to race down

Tikkurila's compact center now has an architecturally joyous building that provides premises for a big day-care center applying a novel operating method.

The new Tikkurila day-care center will open on November 12, 2019. Its neighbors as well as other residents will be invited to familiarize themselves with the premises at a January open house.

The day-care center is one answer to Tikkurila center’s increasing need for day-care centers. Despite its size, the building was planned in such a way that each group of children will act indoors in an easily identifiable, smaller home area.

Compact lot in an already built area

New kinds of solutions made it possible to fit the large day-care center at the core of the city. The solution of three floors was chosen, so that as much play space as possible remains in the yard.

Multipurpose indoor premises, versatile yard, and utilization of existing green areas enable pedagogical activities based on play and mobility. In addition to the new building’s versatile potentials, the day-care center’s learning environment consists of Tikkurila’s cultural services, sports services, and the entire downtown Tikkurila.

The building’s central location and gym and multi-facility premises provide the residents with good hobby possibilities over the weekends, when the day-care center has no activities of its own. Likewise, the building—lighted and actively used even in the evenings—gives the feeling of safety, much craved for by the residents.

A day-care center of two directors

The day-care center pilots the model of shared leadership, which means that two directors head the service unit. One of the directors is responsible for issues related to HR, finance and support services, whereas the other is responsible for pedagogical management and cooperation with families.

“The leadership model of Tikkurila's day-care center constitutes an interesting two-day-care-center-director leadership pilot whose results we are eagerly waiting for. We will gain knowledge of how to arrange leading a large, over-200-place day-care center as functionally as possible. The big picture also includes Tikkurila and Krassitie day-care centers that provide evening care. Managing these super-day-care centers requires new solutions that allow the employees of groups of children to focus on their own early childhood education work and its development,” says Sole Askola-Vehviläinen, director of early childhood education

Vantaa has no previous experience in a 3-floor day-care center. The users have worked closely with the planners, and the planning process has managed to find solutions meeting the challenges.

The groups of children use separate entrances, of which there are altogether four. Each has its own mudroom and bathroom premises. Transferring groups of small children takes place in a big elevator that can accommodate the entire group with their educator. The groups take turns in engaging in outdoor activities. The children can get outdoors, for example, on the crocodile slide. Morning and afternoon accompanying traffic is arranged safely through Neilikkatie.

Special attention paid to quality

“The worksite is one of the first ones to use 3D modeling in everyday work, which has given good experiences. The contractor’s work has been of high quality, and cooperation has been good,” tells Pekka Wallenius, director of real estate center.

Vantaa strives to improve the indoor-air quality of its office premises, and that is why, special attention was paid to humidity control during the construction. For instance, the drying process of base-floor walls and floors has been carefully monitored. The quality of worksite cleaning has been ensured also as regards structures and other hidden parts.

Published: 5.11.2019 
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