Finnish language courses now even easier to find has been serving language students in Finnish, English and Russian in the Helsinki, Tampere and Turku regions for several years now. The service has now been rebuilt.

Users can search for Finnish language courses based on city, level, price, dates and educational institute. Swedish language courses can be found as their own entity. The website can also be used to announce online courses.

The website’s user interface and visual appearance have been updated, making it even easier to search for Finnish language courses on the website. The maintenance of course information is also easier for education organisers. The two-way open interface enables the import of course information from educational institutes’ own publishing systems.

The website has been built as an open-source service.

Approximately 1,000 courses are published in the service every year. There are almost 50 education organisers involved who offer Finnish language courses that are open for everyone. The website is published by the City of Helsinki.

Published: 29.10.2019 
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