49. Triisa, Christopher

Kuva Christopher Triisa


Residential area:

Hey! My name is Chris Triisa. I am a 14-year-old boy from Vantaa who wants to influence and improve the well-being of young people in Vantaa.

Leisure time activities:
No hobbies.

A voice for young people.

Comments on the election compass questions:
1.Vantaa is safe for young people, and I don't think anything should change in this matter.
2. Every young person should have some kind of hobby, but sometimes leisure time activities cost too much.
3. It is important to fight climate change so that we have a planet to live on.
4. No one should experience school bullying.
5. The level of school food in Vantaa could be improved a lot. For example, one could give more options to choose from.
6. I will not comment on this.
7. Public transportation should be free of charge only for minors, as school trips should not have a cost.
8. Public transportation is important because not everyone has cars or other means of transportation.
9. The level of school food should be better and there should be more options to choose from.