10. Fraidenberger, Aleksei

Kuva Aleksei Fraidenberger


Residential area:

Hi, I’m Aleksei. I like to draw and I’m an honest optimist.

Leisure time activities:
Ice hockey and playing the guitar

Better than nothing

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. There are quite a lot of dangerous people who can carry a knife with them and so on.
2. There are quite a few families whose parents don’t earn enough to get paid for their hobbies if just and just enough for taxes.
3. If we could collect garbage from the street really well and correctly then we would be pretty far along
4. There is 100% bullying at school, but no one dares to tell. Which is pretty miserable to realize that people are discriminated against and called names because they are different.
5. It’s cheap and high quality but there are veggie days in my own schools which is really good but then there are no other options if half the school at least doesn’t want to eat any vegetarian food. Money goes to waste and students remain hungry.
6. I don't think a 16-year-old is mature enough to take a vote seriously, and additionally even an 18-year-old can't take anything seriously and still behaves like a child.
7. This is a bit closed up where our taxes are going but I guess it has to have a cost because it makes no sense.
8. 20.7% of Vantaa are 0–15-year-olds and 19.8% are 16–29-year-olds for a total of 40.5%. Isn't that quite a few? And I would think that at least 70% of these do not own a car with which there would be easy access to Helsinki and so on, so public transport would be really convenient for everyone.
9. There is violence in quite a lot of families and young people suffer from it a lot and besides that, quite a lot of people have depression which would be really nice to treat.