9. Dönmez, Duru

Kuva Duru Dönmez


Residential area:

I’m a 16-year-old ninth grader from Kilteri School. I’m positive, energetic and cheery.

Leisure time activities:
Listening to music, volleyball, figure skating and basketball.

Young people will change Vantaa!

Comments on the election compass questions:
1. In general it is, but in some places not, for example Myyrmäki. Various crimes take place in Myyrmäki.
2. Not terribly.
3. Well, yeah, I live in Kivistö, there is one organization here called Marjaverkko; they organize a garbage pick-up day, for example.
4. Schools take care of bullying in many ways, but it would be nice if more care would be taken.
5. No the food does not taste good to many students. I don't eat terribly often at school either.
6. Maybe it would be nice.
7. Yeah, because young people don’t really have the money to buy tickets.
8. Public transport.
9. Young people could spend time there. There young people could be social, express opinions, thoughts about the future, or young people themselves could decide what that youth place would be like. Every school could give an idea.