Vantaa Youth Council elections 2021

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Welcome to the main page of the Vantaa Youth Council elections. Here you can find all the information about candidacy, voting, and elections in general.

The elections are coming this autumn

Youth council elections will be held in Vantaa from 8 to 19 November. The election will elect a youth council for a two-year period of 2022–2023. Youth, born in the years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 and living in Vantaa, are eligible to stand as candidates and to vote. A maximum of 30 members are elected to the Youth Council.

Are you interested in becoming a candidate?

The call for candidates is open from Monday 13 September 2021 until Friday 1 October at 3 pm. You can sign up as a candidate by filling this form.

After you have sent the filled form, we will contact you soon. If you are underaged, we will contact your parents too for permission to stand as a candidate. After this, you are free to campaign for your victory in the elections.

During the campaign period, you will chance to share your thought and ideas for a better Vantaa. We will send you a link to an election compass, where you can answer questions related to Vantaa and your candidacy, later during the autumn. You are also invited to the candidates’ photoshoot on 6 to 7 October in Tikkurila. The pictures will be used in election posters and on the City of Vantaa’s social media.

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How can I vote?

The elections are held at the schools. All Vantaa students can vote in their respective schools from 8 to 19 November. Each school has its voting days. If you do not study in Vantaa schools, but you are eligible to vote, you can vote in Vantaa-info –service counters from 24 to 26 November. More information on voting places will be given later on this page and in the letter sent to all eligible voters.

Save the important dates

13.9.2021, 08:00 Call for candidates is open

1.10.2021, 15:00 Call for candidates is closed

6.10.-7.10.2021, 15–18 Photoshoot for the candidates

8.-18.10.2021 Fill your answers to the election compass

25.10. The election compass opens

8.11.2021-19.11.2021 Voting in schools (to the students in Vantaa)

24.11.–26.11. Extra voting dates in Koivukylä Library, Vantaa-info Myyrmäki and Vantaa City Hall, Tikkurila (to the students who study outside Vantaa or to those who missed voting at Vantaa schools)

End of November or beginning of December Results

Voting places

Voting in schools (to the students in Vantaa):

  • Aurinkokiven koulu 11.11.

  • Havukosken koulu 10.–12.11.

  • Helsinge gymnasium 17.11.

  • Helsinge skola 18.–19.11.

  • Hämeenkylän koulu 11.–12.11.

  • Jokiniemen koulu 9.–11.11.

  • Kartanonkosken koulu 18.11.

  • Kilterin koulu 10.–12.11.

  • Koivukylän koulu 15.–16.11.

  • Korson koulu 17.11.

  • Lehtikuusen koulu 8.–12.11.

  • Lumon lukio 17.11.

  • Länsimäen koulu 16.–19.11.

  • Martinlaakson koulu 11.11.

  • Martinlaakson lukio 10.11.

  • Mikkolan koulu 8.–9.11.

  • Peltolan koulu 9.–10.11.

  • Ruusuvuoren koulu 8.11.

  • Simonkylän koulu 15.–17.11.

  • Sotungin koulu 15.–16.11.

  • Sotungin lukio 9.11.

  • Tikkurilan lukio 16.11.

  • Vantaan Kansainvälinen koulu 9.–10.11.

  • Varia/Aviapoliksen toimipiste 10.11. ja 18.11.

  • Varia/Hiekkaharjun toimipiste 8.11., 12.11. ja 16.11.

  • Varia/Koivukylän toimipiste 9.11. ja 15.11.

  • Varia/Myyrmäen toimipiste 11.11. ja 17.11.

  • Vaskivuoren lukio 8.–10.11.

  • Veromäen koulu 15.–6.11.

  • Viertolan koulu 19.11.

  • Ylästön koulu 10.–12.11.

Extra voting days (to the students who study outside Vantaa or to those who missed voting at Vantaa schools):

24.11., 16–19 Koivukylä Library

25.11., 16–19 Vantaa-info Myyrmäki

26.11., 16–19 Vantaa City Hall, Tikkurila

What is Youth Council?

The youth council supervises the interests of the young and addresses issues important to the young. Elections take place at 2-year intervals. The youth council representatives are around 13–20 years old.

The repreentatives of the youth council have the right to attend and the right of discussion at the City of Vantaa committees, the city executive board, and the city council. The council operations are not politically aligned. The youth council assembles every month, submits initiatives to the city executive board, gives statements, participates in various working groups, and arranges events targeted at the young. It also cooperates with schools’ student bodies to improve school conditions.

In the youth council, you will find friends all around the Vantaa and you can influence in Vantaa-related matters.

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Feel free to contact for more information

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Vantaa Youth Council

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