Swimming Halls and Gyms


The city of Vantaa has five swimming halls and several gyms that provide an opportunity for independent training. Guided activities are also available.

Vantaa's swimming halls are suitable for many different water sports. In addition to swimming, you can take part in water running, water aerobics, and many more. Additionally, the Vantaa Sports Services arranges events such as swimming in candle light and toy swimming for children. Swimming schools are arranged in cooperation with sports clubs. The clubs also arrange water sports events, competitions, and other activities. The Sports Services' gyms are situated at the swimming halls and at the Koivukylä senior citizens' center.

The age limit for the gyms is 15 years. The gyms are primarily intended for independent training. The gyms also offer guided senior classes and gym equipment guidance. The city of Vantaa has senior gyms at the Korso and Hakunila health centers. Additionally, the city has gyms that can be reserved for groups. The gyms are situated in schools, youth centers, and some indoor sports facilities.

Free swimming on sunday 15.5

Welcome to swim to Vantaa swimming halls.

Free swimming is valid in Hakunila, Tikkurila, Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso swimming halls on opening hours.

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Swim for free on Sunday 15.5.

Swimming is free on the Vantaa Day May 15th in Hakunila, Tikkurila, Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso swimming halls.

Sports Services' Price List

The swimming hall and gym fees are listed in the Sports Services' price list.

Sports Card

The Sports Card (Sporttikortti) entitles over 70-year-old residents for free attendance to the Vantaa Sports Services' swimming halls and gyms.