Outdoor skating

outdoor skating ring

Sports Services and the Green Area Unit maintain several skating rinks in the winter season for the residents' pleasure and benefit.

Sports Services maintains sports parks, sports grounds and schools' parks, whereas the Green Area Unit is responsible for maintaining park fields.
Freezing of natural ice has already been started. You can check when outdoor skating rinks are ready for use by clicking the Skating rinks list on the right.

Sports Services' field attendants

Contacts on weekdays from 8 to 16 (in the winter season).

  • West Vantaa, Central Vantaa: Arto Partio 040 524 1411
  • Tikkurila, Hakunila: Jukka Joronen 0400 684 779
  • Hiekkaharju, Korso, Koivukylä: Tarmo Väyrynen 0400 684 487

Park fields

  • West Vantaa: Mervi Viitanen 09 8393 4468
  • Central Vantaa: Esa Karhu 040 5274559
  • East and North Vantaa: Urpo Korpi 09 8393 4783
  • Korso major region: Tarmo Väyrynen 0400 684 487

Artificial skating rinks are open

The artificial skating rinks are illuminated on weekdays from 7 to 21:30, and changing cubicles are available until 20:30. The schools use the artificial skating rinks during weekdays from 8 to 15.

On weekends, the artificial skating rinks are open from 8 to 17.

  • Martinlaakso (Petri Huttunen)
  • Hiekkaharju (Tarmo Väyrynen)

Martinlaakso and Hiekkaharju's ice-hockey rinks are reserved for matches, while other skating areas are meant for free skating. The distribution of skating areas is valid until further notice.