Hobihobi - hobbies in Vantaa

Did you know that there are more than 200 free-of-charge hobbies in Vantaa? The Hobihobi.fi service collects all hobby options in the same place. The service consists of myriad hobbies—both free of charge and subject to a charge—ranging from physical exercise to the visual arts. Find your own favorite and come along!

Hobihobi.fi service in a nutshell

  • The service is free of charge and can be freely used by organizers of hobby activities.
  • It helps Vantaa residents—from toddlers to grandpas—to find hobbies.
  • The service is for organizers a free-of-charge marketing tool that makes it possible for them to gain new hobbyists.
  • The service was created, because currently information about Vantaa’s hobby options lies scattered on different actors’ websites and in other media.
  • The service is developed in cooperation between Vantaa Sports Services and the Finnish Olympic Committee, and it constitutes a part of the national Suomisport platform. Also the city’s Youth and Cultural Services are involved.
  • The service also includes activities subject to a charge.