Vantaa City Museum in Tikkurila

#ThrowbackVantaa - Photos of the home district then and now 8.2.-30.11.2018

Our newest exhibition is a tribute to the honorary regional councelor Lauri Leppänen's (1923–2015) contribution to the preservation of local culture in Vantaa. #ThrowbackVantaa tells the story of the Vantaa that used to be, and the Vantaa of today. Leppänen's photos have been paired with new photographs taken at the same location in 2017. The photographs tell the story of change, of population growth in the city and of the leap from a rural parish into a bustling center for businesses. The photos also show that many things in everyday life have stayed the same.

Vantaa City Museum's temporary exhibitions present the versatile history of the area. We are inveolved in the Finnish museums project TAKO which heads to coordinating collaboration in matters related to acquisitions, documentation and collection in Finnish museums. We are responsible for the acquisition and documentation of Vantaa's industry, homes, associations and suburbs.

Museum visit

The museum is situated along excellent means of communication, in Tikkurila station area, in the old railway station. Our address is Hertaksentie 1. The unic building is the oldest one in the area, built in 1862. The building provides special setting for exhibitionsin two floors.

The Museum is open on tue-fri 10-17 and on sat-sun 11-16. We are admission free.

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Guided tours

We have guided tours and workshops for day care centers, schools and other organisations. Mornings are reserved for day care and school groups and student groups may also book their guided tour to a time when the museum is not open for other audiences. We recommend a maximum of 20 students in one group. The duration of one tour is approximately 45 minutes. Guided tours are free for student groups from Vantaa. We recommend booking the tour our workshop at least one week before the happening from Marjo Eerikäinen: or 040 573 9920 (mon-fri between 9-15). You can also book one of our museum's researchers to your school to talk about the history of Vantaa. We also provide a mobile suitcase exhibition for elderly care centers. We also have mobile apps.

Other groups can reserve a guided tour which is 50 euros/group on mon-fri (8:30-17) and 70 euros/group on all other times. We recommend that the booking is made at least one week before the tour: or 040 573 9920. We tailor each tour for each group so make sure you make your special wishes when booking. Even if you don't need a guide, we would like to hear from your group visit in advance.

Mobile exhibitions

We have several mobile exhibitions. Most of them are in Finnish but some of them are translated into Swedish, English and Russian.

Vantaa1918 -guide to civil war happenings in Vantaa

Historical riverwalks exhibit the nature and history of Vantaa riversides

Rainbow-Finland was the first Finnish exhibition on the history of homosexuality in 2007. Ten years later it was made into a mobile exhibition which you can find here

Room for Love was an exhibition and happening cooperation in the 100th jubileum of Finnish independency. It was awarded as the "PR-event of the year". Here you can still find a map on places of love in Vantaa and the mobile exhibition in three foreign languages.