Multipurpose Centre Lumo

Monitoimikeskus Lumo

Lumo is a popular place for cultural, learning and other events for people of all ages. As a citizen's activity center, it generates wellbeing.

Multipurpose Centre Lumo is a meeting place for art and culture, and it offers top-quality cultural services for children, the young, and adults.

Lumo Hall is a multi-facility hall for 325 people that is suitable for theatrical and musical performances, events, as well as training and conferences. The gym is a multi-facility hall for indoor sports, concerts and events.

You can also engage in long-term art hobbies at Lumo. There are five schools providing basic art education: music kindergarten Lystileikki, The Theatre and Circus School of Tikkurila, Vantaa Art School, Vantaa Music Institute, and Vantaa Dance Institute.

LUMO offers versatile experiences for people of all ages.

Contact information

Multipurpose Centre LUMO
Urpiaisentie 14
01450 Vantaa

Janitors 040 524 6540

Lumo Hall Operating Managers:
050 381 460 or
040 835 7121