Basic Art Education Institutes

Vantaa offers art education to people of all ages. You can improve your art skills in many institutions that provide basic art education.

Basic education in the arts is goal-oriented, and it progresses from level to level. It is arranged in different art forms for children, youth, and adults. The aim of the teaching is that the students improve their self-expression skills, and they will gain the qualifications to apply for vocational or higher education in arts.

Basic education in the arts is divided into early studies (for under school-aged children), basic studies, and advanced studies. Usually children can start the studies at the age of 3 or 4 but in some art forms the studies start later. Some art forms provide lessons for babies. Adult education is primarily intended for over 19-year-olds.

Read more about the institutions that provide basic art education on these pages.

Art Day Camp for Children

More information (in Finnish)docx, 773 kb. Sign up online at Vantaa Dance Institute or tel. 050 354 5662 (Mon-Fri at 9:00 - 15:00).

Apply Now

The application period for basic education in the arts is in progress. More information on the institutions' websites.