Vantaa major districts – Myyrmäki

Myyrmäki or Myrtsi or Myyr York is home to one in four Vantaa residents. Its sprawling urban quarters are home to a colorful street art culture and active inhabitants. Myyrmäki offers comprehensive services and transport links to every direction. The area also has many idyllic housing options that let people enjoy the peace of nature and even countryside. The popularity of Myyrmäki has literally lasted for thousands of years, as there have been findings of settlements going back to 7,000 years.

The most populous of Vantaa

Myyrmäki major district is the most populous area in Vantaa with 56,000 inhabitants. It is geographically located south of West Vantaa and it is divided into 11 smaller districts. Most people live in the two centers of the area, Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso, which are the most urban areas of Vantaa. They are surrounded by Askisto, Hämeenkylä, Hämevaara, Kaivoksela, Linnainen, Petikko, Vantaanlaakso, Vapaala and Varisto. Myyrmäki major district is adjacent to Kivistö in the north, Aviapolis in the east, Helsinki in the south and Espoo in the west.

Urban and idyll together

Myyrmäki is one of the areas in Vantaa with most apartment blocks, but it also has several neighborhoods with cozy detached and single houses surrounding the centers. There are also important architectural sites, such as Kaivoksela's classic suburban area, Hämevaara's bungalow-type houses and Kilterinmäki's modern housing. In recent years, new and refurbishment projects have been built, and the Myyrmäki center will grow even more in the coming years. However, the many neighborhoods also have garden and rural style housing. The inhabitants often speak of them as their "villages" in the middle of the city.

King of B zone

The Myyrmäki area has been built from the outset on good public transport. The Ring Rail Line takes you to the airport in just 15 minutes, and to center of Helsinki in less than half an hour. There is a total of four railway stations in the area: Myyrmäki, Louhela, Martinlaakso and Vantaankoski. In addition, the area is well connected by bus lines. Most of the area is in HSL's B zone, so the cheapest AB and BC zone tickets are available. Ring Road III, Vihdintie and Hämeenlinnanväylä connect the area to every direction and you can, for example, catch a bus to North, Hämeenlinna and Tampere easily from Hämeenlinnanväylä.

“Where ya heading, Myyr York?”

Myyrmäki is one of Vantaa's key areas. It is developing into the most urban city center in Vantaa, which will in future have even better public transport connections to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The centers of Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso will grow together while along the track living comfort and green areas are developed further. The nickname "Myyr York" was born in the 1970s and will describe the area even better in the future. On the other hand, there are also more plots for private homes coming up, for example in Vapaala and Varisto. At the same time, new schools and kindergartens are being planned and under construction in the area.

Easy access to services

The area's services are concentrated in Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso centers. There is a total of three shopping centers in Myyrmäki: Myyrmanni, Isomyyri and Myyrinpuhos. Next to Myyrmanni is one of the busiest outdoor shopping markets in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Paalutori. At the edge of it are also the Artsi Art Museum, Kino Myyri cinema and Myyrmäkitalo with Vantaa Info and Myyrmäki library. A new shopping center, Martinlaakson ostari, was opened in Martinlaakso in 2015. Varisto and Petikko have several specialty stores in their business areas. The neighborhoods of course have their own local services and convenience stores. Along with Myyrmäki, libraries can be found in Martinlaakso and Pähkinärinne. Health centers are in Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso.

Many learning opportunities

There are almost 40 kindergartens plus three open day care centers in the area. On Vihertie you can find an open resident park, that is a meeting place for all ages. Martinlaakso kindergarten was awarded the Kehäkukka Award for its architecture in 2019. There are 11 elementary schools. Both early childhood education and basic education are offered in Finnish and Swedish. Youngsters can find things to do at Myyrmäki Youth Center Arkki and the Pähkinärinne and Martinlaakso youth centers. Secondary education is provided by vocational colleges Varia and Mercuria and high schools in Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso. Myyrmäki is also a higher education center: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has its second largest campus there.

The cradle of culture and street art

Culture is the absolute trump card of Myyrmäki. It is noticeable just by walking by the abundant street art, and for example the railway stations have been transformed into places of art. Artsi Art Museum of Vantaa offers high-quality art exhibitions throughout the year, and Cultural House Martinus offers concerts and theater. The Vantaa Music Institute, as well as the School of Fine Arts and the Dance Institute also serve in the area. The cultural center Toteemi is responsible for the cultural services for children. Music is also provided by the Vantaa Entertainment Orchestra and Velmu ry, the Vantaa Live Music Association. Velmu's handywork is the very popular Louhela Jam, which has grown to become a popular music festival in the summer. Late summer, Myyrmäki hosts its own art night, “Why So Myrtsi”, which will spread throughout downtowns of Myyrmäki and Louhela.

An athlete's paradise

Another of the great strengths of Myyrmäki area is sport. Vantaa's largest sports center, Myyrmäki Sports Park, is located only a few steps away from to the center of Myyrmäki. There you can enjoy an exceptionally wide range of sports and workouts. The park also hosts several high-level competitions and events at Energia Areena, Myyrmäki-halli and the sports stadium. There is also a hotel planned for the many visitors of the park. The surrounding neighborhoods feature their own local sports facilities and parks. There are several sports clubs in the area, such as Etelä-Vantaan Taitoluistelijat, IF Helsinge-Atlas and Etelä-Vantaan Urheilijat, the club that has raised the most Finnish hockey players to the NHL. In the field of motor sports, Martinlaakso has two famous Formula 1 stars, Mika Häkkinen and Mika Salo.

The magic of nature

Nature is especially important to the people of Myyrmäki major area, and they take full advantage of the many green areas. Some neighborhoods such as the Linnainen and Askisto consist up to 70% green space. There are more than 40 playgrounds, and in the summertime, parks like Jokiuomanpuisto and Viherpuisto function as living rooms for all residents. Nice unique parks include Lammaslampi in Pähkinärinne and Pitkäjärvi near Espoo, both with active bird watching scene. A children's nature trail was recently opened in Soltorp. The animal and plant life of the area is extremely diverse. From the northern part of the area begins the extensive Petikko recreation and nature reserve. There is a comprehensive cross-country skiing trail network in winter, and during the summer you can go swimming at the Vetokannas beach.

We love Myrtsi!

The Myyrmäki area has highly active residents and associations. One of the most well-known is the Myyrmäki-liike, which was created in 2012. It continuously organizes and manages a variety of events and services for residents, such as the co-op space Coworking Myyr York, the Myyr York Times local newspaper and Myyrmäen monttu, a place where many of the open-air events are held. Another association operating in the area is Street Art Vantaa, which is also spread out to other parts of Vantaa and supports many initiatives in public art. Myyrinki is another meeting place open to all residents of the area offering clubs, support groups, activity rooms as well as Vantaa Adult Education Institute’s services in the center of Myyrmäki.

That ancient history

The history of the Myyrmäki region dates back over 7,000 years. The oldest known residential areas of Finland are there, and you can even find a reconstruction of an ancient Myyrmäki dweller in Myyrmäkitalo exhibit. In the Middle Ages, Vantaankoski was home to the intersection of the Suuri Rantatie (King's Road), the road leading to Häme and the Vantaanjoki waterway. In the 19th century a mill and ironwork were built on riverside and powered by the rapids. An important industrial center grew around, and it is still reminiscent by an old file factory. There were several manors and farms throughout the area, of which the manors of Hämeenkylä and Linnainen, as well as Övre Nybacka, are still in place.