Vantaa major districts – Kivistö

In Kivistö the colors of the city combine with an idyllic rural landscape. Following the 2015 Housing Fair, the area is being developed into Vantaa's newest city center, surrounded by cozy detached houses. The Ring Rail Line will transport you to the airport in ten minutes and there will soon be a concentration of almost 10,000 jobs in Vehkala. Kivistö is built sustainable development in mind and it is inspired by success stories from Denmark, for example. The crown of everything is the cultural environment of the Vantaanjoki river.

Growing and developing

Kivistö is the largest major district by area in Vantaa. It has about 13,000 inhabitants in ten different districts. Its center is the Kivistö district, where half of the population lives. Other districts are Keimola, Kiila, Lapinkylä, Luhtaanmäki, Myllymäki, Piispankylä, Riipilä, Seutula and Vestra. The area is home to many families and more than the average of people under the age of 16 years. The area is growing briskly and in the years 2015–2018 alone about 4,000 new residents moved to the area. According to population projections, in 2028 the Kivistö area will have nearly 23,000 inhabitants.

Ring Rail Line and housing fairs

The housing stock of the Kivistö major area began to grow quickly with the 2015 Housing Fair. At the same time the Ring Rail Line and Kivistö railway station were completed. They are surrounded by distinctive architecture and a colorful city center. The older Kivistö residential area, built since the 1950s, spreads into several small areas. The modern Keimolanmäki residential area has been created around the old Keimola motorway. More traditional urban living is represented by Vantaanpuisto in Piispankylä. In total, about half of the housing stock in the area is single-family houses and the other half is apartment buildings and semi-detached houses.

By the highways

Kivistö has a central location along the major freeways. The Hämeenlinna freeway splits it lengthwise and Ring Road III runs along its southern border. After completion of the Ring Rail Line, accessibility significantly improved. From Kivistö station you can reach the airport and Myyrmäki in 10 minutes. Tikkurila, Pasila and Helsinki can be reached in less than half an hour. From Kivistö station, there are also several bus lines to and from Helsinki while express buses to the north make stops at the Hämeenlinna fairway hub.

Sustainable homes

The main theme of Kivistö is sustainability. Examples of eco-sustainability are keeping as many as possible green and nature areas around the new city blocks and enabling car-free and walkable areas. An example of social sustainability is Rubiini, the first Citizen’s house of Vantaa. Several events and community services are organized there by MarjaVerkko, which is a regional development network for residents. Through the network a new resident can for example get a support neighbor to help them settle in the area. Another shared space to spent time and meet is at Katrineberg Manor, Seutula.

Visions of the future

Plans for the future of the area include an extension of the central area from Kivistö to Lapinkylä. There is a train station reservation for the Ring Rail Line at Lapinkylä, which would provide another excellent place to combine housing and services. A larger interchange terminal for the Kivistö train station is also planned for bus traffic. There is also a reservation for the tramway in the area as well as for the Ring Rail Line station in the Petas residential area. Puu-Kivistö is the highlight of the theme of sustainability with wood being the key building material for the sub-district.

Emerging services

The area's services are focused on Kivistö center. There are currently two grocery stores, a kiosk and cafes and restaurants. The center also houses several hairdressing salons and cosmetologists. The old Kivistö has its own convenience store and barbecue restaurant. The area's services are constantly being developed and a brand-new shopping center is in planning stage. There is a maternity clinic in Aurinkokivi and in the nearest health center in Martinlaakso. Vantaa’s Katriina Hospital is also located in Seutula. While the area does not yet have a library, you can pick up books at a library car that circles in Kivistö every Monday evening.

Youthful Kivistö

There are 11 playschools and one open nursery school in the Kivistö area. There are three elementary schools, and the largest, Aurinkokivi School, is right in the Kivistö center. Seutula and Kannisto have their own primary schools and kindergartens. In youth center Kannu young people can come together and enjoy different activities and gym facilities. The nearest secondary schools can be found in Martinlaakso and Myyrmäki. Higher education is provided by Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Myyrmäki and Laurea in Tikkurila. Cultural and art education in Kivistö is provided by Vantaa’s Music Institute, Vantaa Art School, Kivistö Music Institute Musaiikki and MinjArt Music School.

Events and happenings

Kivistö has an active scene for community activities and events. During the year MarjaVerkko organizes four main events in the area: Kivistö Village Festival, Kytke Festival, Kivistö Christmas Market and Valentine's Day Bow Skating. Katrineberg Manor in Seutula is a cozy meeting and action place for residents. The Keimola Omakotiyhdistys organizes the Kivistö market in the spring. Other active organizations in the area include the sports clubs Keimolan Kaiku and Seutulan Urheilijat –37 as well as Kivistön Martat, Seutulan Village Association and Syväojan Omakotiyhdistys.

Nature in the backyard

Nature is very close to Kivistö, practically in the backyard. In both residential and downtown areas, recreational and green areas have been preserved for the sake of sustainability. The city center offers unique and personal parks with a variety of exercise and play equipment. In total there are ten playgrounds throughout the area. To the west of the Hämeenlinna motorway are the extensive recreational areas of Petikko and Vestra, which include hiking trails, ski trails, and Natura-protected forests and marshes. The cultural environment of Vantaanjoki is characteristic of the northern sub-districts.

From monks to oil lamps

The history of the Kivistö area is well known. Ancient rock formations and sacrificial sites have been found there. In the 15th century monks came to Vantaanjoki from the Estonian monastery of Padise for fishing. This irritated the then bishop of Turku, who bought land in the area to compete with the monks. This is the reason for the name Piispankylä. In recent history, Kivistö is known for its mansions, the war forts of Luhtaanmäki and Keimola, and the fact that electric lights came into the area late due to a nearby radio station. According to the story, the area was once called an "oil lamp village". In its most recent history, the Keimola Motor Speedway was a famous motor sports center.