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Aviapolis is an international airport city and Vantaa’s gateway to the future. Its new city center forms a diverse hot spot for people, services and enterprise surrounded closely by nature and colorful residential areas. Aviapolis is Vantaa's largest and fastest growing center for jobs and entrepreneurship in Finland. The location is excellent: it is situated in the center of Vantaa, the Helsinki metropolitan area and just a flight away from any city in the world.

A Unique airport city

Aviapolis is a major area in the center of Vantaa with a population of about 20,000. It is the home to Finland's most important gateway to the world: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The airport is surrounded by five neighborhoods: Pakkala, Tammisto, Veromies, Viinikkala and Ylästö. Most of the inhabitants live in the diverse Pakkala and the private home area in Ylästö. These also have the highest proportion of families with children in all of Vantaa. Veromies is an evolving hub for Aviapolis, with a growing center for housing, services and businesses. Aviapolis is Finland's largest growing job center with 37,000 jobs. Want to set up business in Aviapolis area Finland? Aviapolis is a safe and reliable investment destination.

Young and beautiful

Aviapolis is the youngest constructed district in Vantaa. Most of the apartment buildings were built just in the 21st century. Approximately 65% of the housing are blocks of flats. Well-known residential areas include Aerola in Veromies designed by Alvar Aalto and Kartanonkoski Pakkala, which is known for from Ricky Rapper (Risto Räppääjä) children movies. Kartanonkoski has received many awards for its coziness and beautiful architecture. Elsewhere in Pakkala and Tammisto you can find comfortable and colorful apartment housing. Tammisto is also known for its valuable hardwood forests. Ylästö on the other hand, has its own village style community in the western part of the Aviapolis major area.

Active and valued

Aviapolis residents appreciate its good location, beauty, tranquility, service and internationality. The nearby fields along with the riverside provide soothing sense of nature just minutes from the hassle of business and commerce. Both public transport and private cars provide easy access to the area. The houses have beautiful architecture. Shopping areas are complemented by good local services. Families with children also appreciate the many school and play facilities. Many Aviapolis residential areas have developed a strong sense of community, and the residents' own associations organize many leisure activities, events, clubs and hobbies.

Brilliant job opportunities

From the perspective of work and entrepreneurship, Aviapolis shines brightly. It is the second largest center of work in Finland, with some 37,000 jobs, and it is growing fast with over 600 international companies in the area. There are working opportunities for to all levels of training, from hands-on to high education level positions. When the upcoming Aviapolis town center is completed in Veromies, you can find work, home and services all in the same place within just a couple of kilometers.

Easy to reach location

Aviapolis is the hub for air traffic and other traffic. It has two railway station stations, Aviapolis and Airport. The main roads, Ring Road III and Tuusulanväylä, pass through the area. The highways to Hämeenlinna and Lahti are also nearby. In the future, Aviapolis will have access to the first tramway in Vantaa with the route coming from Hakunila via Tikkurila and ending at the airport. Presently there are many bus lines from Aviapolis to all parts of Vantaa and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Many public city bike stations have also been installed in the area with an initiate that started in summer 2019.

Service around the clock

Aviapolis has an excellent offering in services as it is home to Jumbo, Finland's largest shopping center. Jumbo has huge selection of specialty shops, restaurants and cafes as well as large hypermarkets. Right next to it is the Flamingo Entertainment and Hotel Center with its spas and cinemas. Tammisto has its own shopping area, Tammisto Shopping Park, which has many different kinds of shopping opportunities. In addition to these, the neighborhood has its own local supermarkets and kiosks.

International learning

There are several elementary schools in Pakkala, Tammisto and Ylästö districts. A specialty of Pakkala is the Learning and Information Center POINT, which houses the Vantaa International School, an international kindergarten, a library and a city customer service point. Within walking distance, you will find the Wintti youth center set up in an old stone house. The Vantaa Music College and the School of Fine Arts provide specialty education in Pakkala and Ylästö. Vocational College Varia also has an office in Veromies.

In the wake of river nature

Nature is always close by at Aviapolis. The Vantaa River winds its way to the south and behind it you will find north end of Helsinki Central Park and Haltiala's Animal Farm. The river also includes Pitkäkoski, an active salmon fishing area, and Ruutinkoski with its nature reserve. Tammistonmäki has its own nature reserve with hardwoods. The most important sports ground is the Kartanonkoski Sports Park, where you can try football, tennis, beach volleyball, beach football, multi golf and train at outdoor gyms. In Ylästö you can go orienteering and cross-country skiing. Schools in the area also have their own sports fields and gyms. The Flamingo Center has a spa and you can find a golf course at Viinikkala.

Life as early as the 15th century

There are many medieval villages in the Aviapolis area, whose names still live on in the present. There was a vouti (Kings’ bailiff) in Voutila, a tax collector in Veromies and an interpreter in Tolkinkylä. The old road network and buildings have survived to this day. The Great Costal Road, or King’s Road, crossed the area, where Vantaa Ruukki and later the file factory were formed at the junction with the Vantaa River. The Backas Manor also hails from the 17th century. It originally served as a rustic hall and riding facility, and later in the 20th century as a large estate of cooperative Elanto. During the Winter War, the Finnish government met in the present main building of the manor.

Let's take off!

The construction of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was an important milestone in the development of the Aviapolis area. It is the first point of contact for tourists coming to Finland and Vantaa. The airport was opened for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952 and it was named the best airport in the world in 1998. A major extension to the airport is currently under construction, and the number of passengers is expected to grow from 21 million to 30 million by the year 2030. The new south wing, west wing and the connecting square have already been completed.

Lapsi hiekkalaatikolla

Aviapolis gives new dazzle to urban living

Vantaa Aviapolis is implementing the visions of the future already today by building an attractive urban center of 20,000 residents and 60,000 workplaces right next to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Aviapolis airport city

Living in an Emerging Airport City

Airports have long been considered noisy and unpleasant to live near. Why to bring housing close to busy airport? How to create desirable place to live and reside close to busy airport?

Aviapolis core plan

Aviapolis core plan

Aviapolis Core is located next to the Aviapolis railway station. Aviapolis Core will be built as the most compact, diverse and walkable area in Aviapolis.

Aviapolis Airport City Conference 2018

Vibrant airport city and busy airport are the keys to success

Conference, Fri 31st of August 2018

The most competitive cities in the future are built close to busy airports. Airport City Aviapolis, located next to Helsinki Airport, redefines the modern airport city concept when the former backyard turns into source of new activity, growth and prosperity. Aviapolis will become a vibrant business and residential area with urban ambience.

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City of Vantaa | Aviapolis Project


Airport Cities Seminar 2017

Future cities will be built around vivid airports. Most successful airport cities, connected to surrounding region, will grow and diversify at accelerating pace to attractive, livable and diverse cities of the future.

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Invest in Aviapolis

Want to set up business in Aviapolis area Finland? Aviapolis is the fastest growing business district in Finland with over 2,000 companies from which 500 international companies.

Aviapolis – city with wings