Planning and building

The City of Vantaa Public Utility Services Centre aims to develop public areas—that is streets and parks—into pleasant, sustainable, and safe everyday environments. Planning and building of streets, bridges, squares, parks, trails and water-resources management are exceedingly important preconditions for urban living and coziness. In addition, streets, parks and water-resources networks demand continuous renovation.

A sum of approximately 30 million euros is annually spent on building and basic renovation of public city areas. Public Utility Services Centre's investment program is compiled in connection with the city's budget and financial plan. The starting points consist of, among other things, various agreements, city-level plans, plot-cessation programs, and general plans.

The annually devised planning program will be presented in Vantaan asukaslehti and over the Internet. The plans are based on the network of streets and parks—in accordance with the local detailed plan—and they are compiled as stipulated in the Land Use and Building Act, for example, by informing the beginning of planning for streets and parks.

Possibility to influence planning

Realty-owners can influence and acquired information on planning. Residents can influence planning of streets and parks both during the actual planning and during the time the plans are on official display. When planning begins, the owners and occupants of real estate next to the street or park will be informed of the matter in writing.