Real estate centre

Real Estate Centre is responsible for developing and acquiring the city's office premises and real property together with the city's customer departments, City Planning Unit, and Financial Planning in accordance with the city's strategic goals. The projects emphasize space efficiency, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Real Estate Centre aims to collect and interpret the customer departments' short- and long-term needs and, based on those needs, to provide a suggestion for development needs and office-space solutions. Real Estate Centre's Project Preparation Unit and Building Unit are responsible for new building and basic-renovation investment projects, while Facilities Unit is responsible for annual repair projects.


Real Estate Centre and the city's departments and result divisions are responsible for developing the office-space networks and for the City of Vantaa Group's 10-year office-space investment program. The investment program covers new building, basic renovation, and lease projects. The city council annually approves the investment program as part of handling the city's budget and financial plan. The annual repair program includes alteration and repair projects that aim to keep the real property in feasible or original condition. Technical Committee approves the annual repair program every year.

Feasibility studies and project plans

Real Estate Centre compiles the feasibility studies and project plans for the city's and some group companies' office premises. User committees and Technical Committee approve the feasibility studies. City Executive Board will approve the feasibility studies of projects exceeding €3 million and of group companies' projects.

Planning and building of investment projects

Investment projects are new-construction and repair-construction sites. Real Estate Centre will act as the contractor of these projects. Its tasks include planning preparation and guidance, building preparation and guidance, as well as warranty-related tasks. The departments will participate in the building projects as representatives of users. Planning will be carried out as consultation services and building as contracting services. Technical Committee will decide on contract acquisitions and service acquisitions exceeding €0.5 million.

Planning and building of annual repair projects (repair construction)

Annual repair projects are renovation and repair projects included in the annual repair program. Real Estate Centre will act as the contractor of annual projects, and the repair construction service will be provided by the framework-agreement party.

Real-estate and construction expertise

Real Estate Centre is responsible for city-level real-estate and construction expertise. Its services consist of energy, indoor-air, cleaning-service, kitchen consultants, as well as cost accounting, architecture, structure and building technologies experts.