Extensive indoor-air survey gives an overall picture about indoor-air situation

Schools’ and day-care centers’ good indoor air is important for families, employees and the entire City of Vantaa. In order to get an overall picture of users’ indoor-air symptoms, the University of Turku, commissioned by the city, made a large-scale indoor-air-symptom survey in 2019. The survey included the city’s day-care centers, primary schools, high schools and Varia.

The survey is the largest indoor-air-symptom survey in Finland and Vantaa’s significant input in promoting wellbeing.

The survey comprised 50 schools, 150 day-care centers and a questionnaire responded by 17 000 people. For example, the experiences of users of day-care center premises have never before been charted this extensively. The City of Vantaa warmly thanks all the respondents.

The report on the city-level results was published on April 3, 2019 and separate school- and day-care-center-specific results April 17, 2019.
In addition, the schools and day-care centers that require immediate measures to be taken, will reserve site-specific data on the faults and measures to repair them.

You can read the site-specific reports online at vantaa.fi/oirekysely (in Finnish)

City-level report (in Finnish)

Release on city-level results