Environmental permits and regulations

Many procedures require a permit

Any procedure that may cause environmental degradation requires an environmental permit.

Likewise, any procedure that changes the landscape or terrain requires a landscaping permit. Building also requires a landscaping permit, while taking soil for commercial purposes requires a soil-extraction permit. Repeated motocross or when it may cause significant environmental nuisance requires a permit from the municipality's environmental protection officer.

The following procedures related to building and living require a permit process:

  • handling of oil, fuel and chemical containers
  • as well as potential exemption from the obligation to connect with the water pipe and sewerage.

Procedures requiring notification

A noise notification is required for a temporary procedure causing especially disturbing noise or vibration.

Repairing and demolishing a building's outer walls and other outer structures requires that the Environment Centre be given a notification of the work.
According to the Environmental Protection Act, a notification is required in case of exceptional storage of cattle manure as well as unusual or trial situations. Examples of the following include exceptions in waste management or some other situation causing exceptional emissions. The obligation to notify of a trial arises when the activities, if continued, would require an environmental permit.

The following procedures are entered in the environmental-protection information system instead of requiring an environmental permit:

  • fuel-distribution station,
  • mixing plant,
  • small energy plants, and
  • some actors using volatile organic compounds.

The environmental-protection requirements of the above have been specified in decrees.

Environmental protection regulations and instructions

Vantaa's environmental protection regulations are based on the Environmental Protection Act and apply to activities that may cause potential detriment to the environment but do not require an environmental permit.
Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY has given waste-management regulations that apply to the entire metropolis.
There are various instructions—for example, for composting, small combustion of wood and washing cars—that supplement the environmental protection and waste-management regulations.