Health Protection Surveillance

The aim of health protection surveillance is to prevent and eliminate health hazards. Precau-tionary surveillance includes the processing of construction plans and the service providers' reports and permits, as well as surveillance according to the environmental health control plan. To eliminate health hazards, health inspectors investigate the suspected cases and sort out the actual hazards.

Under surveillance are, for instance, swimming waters, housing health, indoor air, and certain services covered by the notification obligation. The surveillance also covers the requirements of the tobacco policy in Finland and the safety of consumer services.

Places under surveillance in Vantaa:

  • sports centers
  • indoor swimming pools and spas
  • public beaches
  • public saunas
  • schools and educational establishments
  • daycare centers
  • establishments of social welfare (children, seniors)
  • beauty parlors
  • barbershops and hair salons
  • tattoo and piercing studios
  • solarium
  • public conference facilities, recreational premises, and accommodations
  • cemeteries and graves

The environmental health control plan comprehends in detail the statutory aims, duties, and focus areas of health protection surveillance, as well as the content and frequency of inspections. The plan works as a guideline for the surveillance and sampling.