Food Control

The purpose of food control is to protect consumers from health hazards caused by foodstuffs. The production chain is monitored right from the beginning, until the product reaches consumers.

The health inspectors (food inspectors and health protection inspectors) of the Environment Centre supervise food premises and facilities by regions.

Health inspectors also deal with

  • reclamations, suspected food poisoning and epidemics
  • reports and applications for food industry companies
  • consumer and company consulting regarding foodstuffs

Food control covers foodstuffs and their

  • production
  • handling
  • storage
  • sales
  • serving
  • import and export
  • package labeling


By region:

The major region of Aviapolis (not postal code 01530)
Anu Käpyaho, tel. 040 867 6597

The major region of Hakunila, Hiekkaharju, Jokiniemi, Hakkila and Kuninkaala
Heli Sepponen, tel. 040 593 5411

The major region of Kivistö, Askisto, Petikko, Varisto, Martinlaakso and Vantaanlaakso
Eeva Jääskeläinen, tel.043 825 6813

The major regions of Korso and Koivukylä
Tarja Nirvinen, tel. 040 8473 403

The airport region (postal code 01530)
Vilja Iivonen, tel. 040 548 2292

The major region of Myyrmäki (not Varisto, Petikko, Askisto, Martinlaakso and Vantaanlaakso)
Tarja Pusa, tel. 050 318 1696

The major region of Tikkurila (not Hiekkaharju, Jokiniemi, Hakkila and Kuninkaala)
Raisa Turtiainen, tel. 040 705 8320

Bakeries, packing plants, warehouses and transportation

Hanna Salonen, tel. 050 312 1793
Michael Turunen, tel. 040 069 8615

Email addresses


Environment Centre, office

Tel. 09 839 231 26