Both parents should be responsible for the maintenance of their child. Parents can negotiate on the amount of maintenance payment at an appointment with a child supervisors´. When coming to the appointment, bring documents of your income and expenses as well as a completed calculation of available funds.

If the child’s parents do not live in the same household, the parent living elsewhere usually pays a monthly maintenance allowance. During the negotiation, both parents' maintenance capacity and the child's need for maintenance will be charted. A maintenance agreement—valid until the child's age of majority—will be concluded. In certain cases it is possible to draft a fixed-term agreement.

A child is entitled to sufficient maintenance provided by both parents until he or she reaches age 18. The parents share the responsibility for child maintenance together and each according to his or her maintenance capacity.

Education grant

The parents are responsible for costs arising from over-18-year-old children too, if deemed reasonable. A written agreement on the amount in euros of an education grant can be drawn, ratified by a child supervisor. When the child turns 18, he or she will become the other contracting party. The matter can also be submitted to a district court.

Maintenance payments

Installments of maintenance payment shall be paid on their due date. If installments are not paid on their due date, they can be distrained from the person liable for maintenance.

Interest on arrears:

As of January 1, 1999, penal interest is calculated on due maintenance payment, based on the penal interest compliant with the Interest Act.

Index increase

Maintenance payment is tied to the consumer-price index. An index increase will enter into force at the beginning of the month following the ratification of an agreement or decision. After December 15, you can contact the child supervisor to inquire about index increases. They can calculate the new amount of maintenance payment and enter it into the original agreement/court decision. Upon request, the other parent can be informed of the increase. The parents are themselves responsible for index increases and entering them into agreements/decisions.

Amending an agreement/decision

An agreement between parents or a court decision can be amended with a new agreement or court decision in case there are changes in the parents' financial situation or the child's need for maintenance. Compiling a new agreement, however, always requires that both contracting parties give their consent.

Payment and collection of child maintenance allowance

Kela is responsible for the payment and collection of child maintenance allowances. You can contact any Kela office.

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