Kivistö divorce peer group

The group is canceled for this spring. You can contact

  • divorce-support social advisor Minna Raitanen, tel. 040 144 8015 and
  • counseling bureau family coach Mari-Susanna Fennander, tel. 040 845 7124.

They will put you in contact with a voluntary peer support person with whom you can talk over the phone.


Difficulties in partnership

If you are having problems in your partnership, contact family mediation. Also the family counseling clinics and congregation offer family mediation. Family mediation aims to help family members resolve their conflicts and make agreements.

Family mediation helps in:

  • processing divorce or the threat of divorce,
  • ending your marriage or domestic partnership, and
  • in other conflicts.

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When a divorce decision has been made

Divorce and common-law divorce

  • You file for a divorce with the district court. You can get a divorce after a six-month reconsideration period or without the reconsideration period, if the spouses have been separated without interruption for the past two years. Parties to a domestic partnership can terminate the partnership by mutual decision.

Child care, living arrangements, visitation rights, and maintenance

  • Parenthood and the rights and obligations related to it will continue even after the parents' divorce. The child shall be guaranteed the same right to his or her parents, regardless of whether they live together or separately.
  • The parents shall agree on their joint minor children's care, living arrangements, visitation rights, and maintenance at an appointment with a child welfare officer, or they shall seek a court decision on these matters. When a court handles matters concerning a child, social services are usually asked to provide an analysis of the family conditions.

Distribution of assets

  • When a divorce application has been filed with the district court, the parties concerned can distribute their assets. When distributing assets, the assets and debts of both the spouses are taken into consideration.

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Child and divorce

Support for the situation:

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